Here's what some of our matched savings participants have said about Assets for Artists.

Matt Lorenz.jpg
Assets for Artists did exactly what I was hoping it would do: It gave me skills and knowledge in areas I was lacking, incentive to create a habit of putting money aside and guidelines for thinking about my business in clear and efficient ways.

- Matt Lorenz
Music, www.thesuitcasejunket.com

Martita Abril.jpg
Aisha Densmore-Bey 2.jpeg
I loved the entire experience with Assets for Artists. The staff was so caring and attentive. The biggest benefit for me was meeting the other artists, and being part of a community where everyone was striving to elevate their creative endeavors.

- Aisha Densmore-Bey
Design, www.aishadb.com

Amy Johnquest.jpg
I plan to kick off the new year with a solid and strong business plan and put it into action with the help
of the A4A program. I’m really grateful for how this program has changed my behavior
around money and savings.

- Amy Johnquest, Holyoke, MA
Visual Art, www.bannerqueen.com

A warm and heartfelt thank you to everyone who works on making this program rigorous, unique and most of all, helpful in allowing artists to build sustainable businesses, and allow them to pursue their art as their livelihood.

- Martita Abril
Dance, www.martita-abril.org

Sophie Wood 2.jpg
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this program. It has been enlightening, inspiring, challenging, and rewarding as an artist and business person. A4A guided us through each step with the perfect balance of professionalism, encouragement and personal attention

- Sophie Wood
Theater, www.theroyalfrogballet.com