Our next Open Studios is Saturday, April 20th 4:30-6:30pm.


We’re hiring!

Now in our eleventh year of programming, we’re ready to bring a fourth staff person on board! We are seeking a talented full-time Communications & Fundraising Coordinator to join the Assets for Artists team at MASS MoCA.

We’re super friendly. Come work with us!

Apply online:


A4A spring workshop opportunities are live!

This April/May, we have four excellent workshops (with sessions in MA, CT, and RI) scheduled to help visual and performing artists with personal finance, marketing, business planning, and more. Check out the details and request your spot today — workshops are FREE!


Great new opportunities for artists on the blog!

CLICK HERE to see our compilation of artist residencies and calls for entry with March - May deadlines.

Welcome, North Adams Project Artists!

A4A is thrilled to announce our 2019 cohort of North Adams Project artists. This year’s group is a mix of new arrivals and longer-term residents, and they represent an exciting range of creative work. Click the button below to learn about them.

Pictured left (clockwise from top left): work by Petros Chrisostomou, Anina Major, Danielle Klebes, Jon Verney.

Baby on the way?

Artist Giuseppina Giordano is looking for Pregnant Women to Visit MASS MoCA! Giuseppina is an artist-in-residence at the Studios at MASS MoCA thru February 19, 2019. She believes in the creative and transformative potential of pregnant women and invites you to participate in an art project

She is looking for pregnant women who live within a short drive of MASS MoCA, or are visiting the museum, and want to share experiences of their pregnancy with her by answering questions concerning: the first moments of pregnancy, body sensitivity, fears, dreams and the special self-awareness that comes with pregnancy.

Welcome Rhode Island Artists!

We are excited to finally announce our newest cohort of artists from Rhode Island! This year we partnered with Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the United States Department of Agriculture to offer matched saving grants to artists living or working in rural Rhode Island. 

Pictured right (clockwise from top left): work by Isabel Mattia,  Andrew Haviland, Mark Perry and Adam Waimon

Welcome Lawrence Artists!

It's time to announce the newest cohort of Lawrence artists to join our Matched Savings Program! This year we have an audio engineer, a maker of environmentally-friendly skin and hair products, a multi-talented videographer, and a whole studio of highly skilled realist painters all helping the artist community in Lawrence continue to grow.

Pictured right (clockwise from top left): soap by Rafaela Gonzalez, work by John Petersen, John Folley and Amanda Theis

Welcome Puerto Rican Artists-in-Residence!

We couldn't be more excited to be welcoming our first funded artist-in-residence from Puerto Rico this week!

We have raised funds to offer 6 residency slots at the Studios this spring/summer 2018 for Puerto Rican artists who were impacted by Hurricane Maria. The devastation to the island has disrupted the careers of many artists in Puerto Rico, and we created this residency opportunity to provide much needed time, space, and financial and professional support to help artists rebuild their art practices and pursue new opportunities.

Pictured right (clockwise from top left): work by Rogelio Baez-Vega, Lilliam Nieves, Gamaliel Rodriguez and Ada Bobonis

Welcome Holyoke Artists!

The creative economy is booming in Holyoke and we couldn't be more excited to be partnering with the city for a third year in a row. We are thrilled to introduce the newest additions to our Holyoke Matched Savings Program -- our biggest and most eclectic group yet.

Stay tuned for announcements of new enrollments in Lawrence, MA!

Pictured right (clockwise from top left): work by Dominic Perri, Sarah Coates, Carlos Peña and Chris Nelson

Welcome Boston Artists!

For the second year in a row, we are delighted to partner with the City of Boston to bring 10 Boston-based artists into our Matched Savings Program. Working in painting, fashion design, choreography, public art, experimental music, journalism and hip-hop, these artists are pushing the limits of their individual mediums and making some radical and relevant work.

Stay tuned for announcements of new enrollments in Holyoke, and Lawrence, MA!

Pictured right (clockwise from top left): Billy Dean Thomas, Jessie Jeanne & Dancers, work by Gianna Stewart and Candace McDuffie.

Welcome Massachusetts Statewide Artists!

Assets for Artists is pleased to announce the latest group of artists to join our Massachusetts cohort! From a variety of cities and towns across the state, these amazing artists, designers and musicians wow us with the breadth and depth of their creative pursuits.

Soon we'll also be announcing new enrollments in Boston, Holyoke, and Lawrence, MA. Stay tuned!

Pictured right (clockwise from top left): work by Taylor Apostol, image by Lea Chiara, Nicholas John Winkler and detail by Roya Amigh.


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