July Artist Opportunities

(If you have a great opportunity to share, please send suggestions to assetsforartists@massmoca.org.)

Unique Opportunity for Printmakers

Zea Mays Printmaking is offering a unique opportunity for a select group of artists seeking to deepen their artistic practice while developing their printmaking skills. The Artist Mentorship Program (AMP) pairs each participating artist with a Zea Mays Printmaking faculty mentor. Working closely together on a self-designed course, the mentor is there to guide the artist through technical and conceptual challenges, helping refine the artist’s eye and skill.

Deadline: July 1st
No Entry Fee

Open Call for Artists

NURTUREart is a nonprofit in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY that presents a full season of exhibitions annually through a juried and free open call. We support individual artists and collaboratives for unique solo shows as well as emerging curators in preparation of a group exhibition. Our gallery space is a platform to connect audiences, including local public school students, to artists’ exhibitions and their creative ideas. Selected artists receive support to prepare for their exhibition, including promotion of their show. A modest artist fee and materials fee, depending on funding, is provided to exhibiting artists.

Deadline: July 8th
No Entry Fee

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 2.38.29 PM.png

Call for NEW Landmark Mural

Fathom Companies is seeking Maine based artists to submit proposals to design, create and install a wall mural at 80 Exchange Street, Portland Maine. The 80 Exchange Street Mural project is an investment in the city’s future and will provide a contemporary visual public art display and add color and visual interest, character and a unique sense of place to the location.  Fostering community and partnerships with the city of Portland and area businesses, this public mural will demonstrate commitment to urban renewal and growth in the Portland neighborhood. This public work will add a new layer to the city fabric and serve as a featured canvas for contemporary art. The budget is between $40,000 and $80,000.

Deadline: July 15th
No Entry Fee

80 Exchange Street

80 Exchange Street

Funded Residency in Memphis

The multidisciplinary artist residency program at Crosstown Arts in Memphis, Tennessee, offers residencies to visiting and Memphis-based artists working in any creative discipline including visual and performing arts, musicians, filmmakers and writers in all genres. All residencies include a private studio workspace with meals provided six days a week. Live/work residencies also include a private bedroom/bathroom next to a common living area and kitchen. A family housing option is available as well as accessible housing for residents with disabilities. All residencies are offered at no cost to participants, who are responsible for covering their own studio materials and travel expenses to and from Memphis.

Deadline: July 15th
Entry Fee: $10

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 12.58.31 PM.png

Call for Sidewalk Murals in North Adams

To celebrate the eleventh season of DownStreet Art programming, Berkshire Cultural Resource Center (BCRC) is commissioning four new sidewalk murals in North Adams for DownStreet Art 2018. DownStreet Art invites artists interested in community engagement and social practice to work with the North Adams community and collaboratively realize sidewalk murals. Murals will be painted with community participation during DownStreet Art Thursday events on: June 28, July 26, August 30 + September 27.  All sites are located within the new North Adams Cultural District and have been pre-selected by DownStreet Art staff and approved by the City of North Adams.  For site locations/dimensions and information go here.

Deadline: July 15th
No Entry Fee

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 2.30.29 PM.png


Brooklyn Art Cluster is inviting video and related media artists to submit to the pop-up show in August and also to the video screening event during the weekend of Gowanus Open Studio in October. The exhibition title is “Freeze tag” and will represent video and related media works of New York based artists. The show will be held at the “Playground Brooklyn”, Brooklyn Art Cluster’s new Co-working and event space for artists and other creatives. It will be launched in September and now there are 20 empty rooms and spacious open area. The selected works will be installed in each room or shown in the open event area.

Deadline: July 24th
No Entry Fee

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 2.53.22 PM.png

live, work & create AT Elsewhere's Living Museum

Elsewhere in Greensboro, NC is seeking applications for their 2019 Residencies, Fellowships & Internships from creatives working across media, fields, and disciplines. Elsewhere’s evolving collection of past projects, material surplus, unique concepts, and access to local and national communities provide an unparalleled site for creative inquiry. Join them in using the collection of a former thrift store to inspire new futures from old things!

Deadline: July 27th
No Entry Fee

Zeelie Brown ,   Fear No Joy

Zeelie Brown, Fear No Joy

Emerging Artist Program

Kingston Gallery’s Emerging Artist Program in Boston is currently accepting applications. The Emerging artist program was conceived to act as a stepping stone for an artist early in their career, into the professional art world of exhibiting and operating an artist run gallery. The gallery will help an emerging artist show a body of new work in a professional setting. The emerging artist will be connected with experienced mentors who will educate them on the practical aspects of every day art gallery business. In addition, they will have the opportunity to voice their own vision and ideas about future goals for the gallery.

Deadline: July 30
No Entry Fee

Veronica A Pérez,  wrecking ball , mortar, hair, 15 x 7 inches, 2016.

Veronica A Pérez, wrecking ball, mortar, hair, 15 x 7 inches, 2016.

Grants for Music Performance In NEW England

Music Drives Us strives to support musicians who have a passion for the shared musical performance experience. Throughout New England, talented musical groups are struggling to obtain funds to bring their music to interested listeners through free concert series in schools, after-school programs, and public spaces in town. Music Drives Us works with New England musicians to build programs that use grants to compensate artists for their time and expenses.

Deadline: August 1
No Entry Fee


Performance Opportunity in Philly

Vox Populi in Philidelphia accepts performance proposals for their lobby area on a rolling basis. Performances take place during select first Friday receptions along with their gallery exhibitions. Proposals may take a multitude of forms: experimental music or dance, workshops, discussions, performance art or alternative temporary exhibitions.  Performers will receive a $100 honorarium for their work. Proposals are considered as needed.

Deadline: rolling
No Entry Fee


Welcome Rhode Island Artists!

We are excited to finally announce our newest cohort of artists from Rhode Island! This year we partnered with Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the United States Department of Agriculture to offer matched saving grants to artists living or working in rural Rhode Island. 

Whether immersed in the intricacy of macrame, drawing in space with steel or writing a screenplay, this impressive cohort of artists from across the state is really heating things up, some of them quite literally in the glass shop! Drawing inspiration from Rhode Island's natural and coastal surroundings is another common thread linking this group of artists and taking the forms of stained glass, painting, wood-carving and metalsmithing.

For Michael Gabrielle, making art has always been a meditative process and ultimately a way of taking care of himself.  While his work has taken many forms over the years, he has recently found himself immersed in the world of macrame. Creating the thousands of knots necessary to complete a macrame piece is an exercise in patience and passion. He is drawn to the calmness and rest he finds in the intricacy of this process. Michael also shares his passion for art and healing though his work as the Program Director of PeaceLove, an expressive arts studio focused on mental health and mental wellness. He helps people find personal fulfillment by using creativity for authentic, imaginative and spontaneous expression.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 3.14.25 PM.png

work by Hannah Purcell Martin

work by Hannah Purcell Martin

Hannah Purcell Martin is a painter and glassblower from Smithfeild, RI. Both mediums present the opportunity for her to create brightly colored, saturated and organic shapes and forms. Her paintings start by applying a spontaneous layer of dark stain. These inky black brush strokes influence colorful and free-flowing layers to follow. While her paintings are rooted in the natural landscape, she allows her imagination to transform reality into abstraction, creating scenes that suggest fantastical space-scapes, whimsical dwellings, mythical creatures or strange biology. Her glass creations also seem to be artifacts of her imaginary lands. She enjoys making glass jars because they have an implied use that can only be fulfilled by their future owners, only complete when a jar is filled.

Andrew Haviland grew up on the coast of Maine, but currently resides in Cranston, RI, where he operates Andrew Haviland Original Works. His pieces are hand carved, cast, and finished locally in the small ocean state of Rhode Island. Needless to say, Andrew’s jewelry and metalwork are nautical by nature. Andrew has always been interested in the natural world, especially exoskeletons and shells. He is particularly inspired by the natural defense mechanisms of these small, fragile ocean creatures and how they can thrive in such harsh environments. This story of resilience has taken root in all of his work, making his wearables also function as reminders of survival and adaptation.

Andrew Haviland,  Open Cluster Barnacle Ring, Crustacea Cirripedia I

Andrew Haviland, Open Cluster Barnacle Ring, Crustacea Cirripedia I

Jennifer Weeden-Black,  Great Blue Heron  (in progress)

Jennifer Weeden-Black, Great Blue Heron (in progress)

Since 2012, Jennifer Weeden-Black has owned and operated Islandesign Glass out of her home studio in Jamestown, RI. She owes much of the inspiration behind her stained glass creations to her beloved hometown. The beaches, farms, two bridges and lighthouses of Jamestown are frequently depicted in her glass work. She also integrates found and re-purposed glass into her pieces, such as vintage glass bottles that serve the dual purpose of holding a flower. Using found sea glass from local beaches further connects her work to a sense of place and home. Jennifer also enjoys opportunities to teach youth and adults the art of stained glass.

Isabel Mattia takes the practice of sketching to the next level, often in the form of welded steel. The sketchbook, she believes, is a proving ground or test lab for artists “where we jot a quick idea in the middle of the night, draw the woman’s ear in front of us on the train, draw a form, trace it, retrace it, erase it”. Her sculptures become drawings in space that three-dimensionally engage viewers in the function and experience of drawing. This process is a way for Isabel to celebrate the explorative marks that accumulate in the pages of a sketchbook, whether they be quick doodles or labored drafting. Isabel lives on a nascent Farm in Little Compton Rhode Island and is an MFA candidate at Rhode Island School of Design.

Isabel Mattia,  Baby, i love you and that rainbow ball

Isabel Mattia, Baby, i love you and that rainbow ball

Lynne DeBeer,  Life Quilt #2

Lynne DeBeer, Life Quilt #2

Lynne DeBeer has been making art since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Her early creative musings led to an impressive 40 year career dedicated to the arts in a variety of different capacities. Now Lynne is picking up that crayon once again and transitioning from a life of full-time consulting/teaching work to finally focusing her own painting career. This time, oil crayon is her material of choice, used in combination with beeswax, natural materials and acrylic. Ranging from realistic to abstract, her work is about the physical process of building and excavating materials on canvas. She is currently creating a series of canvasses which are autobiographical in nature. Lynne is based in Tiverton, RI and has a studio in Bristol.

Mark Perry's contemporary works are inspired and informed by early American folk art sculpture. He is drawn to the passionate spirit present in these early works, the naive expressions of day-to-day themes and their natural patinas created from time and weather. He carves both animal and figurative wood sculptures using a variety of tools, including power and traditional hand tools such as knives, gouges and a mallet. Once carved, the sculpture is finished with paint. He often adds found metal or antique elements into his work to help define a narrative. Mark hopes his carvings will become heirloom works of art that have a place in today’s contemporary world but that will continue to be appreciated from one generation to the next. Mark is based in Westerly, RI.

Mark Perry,  Little Jerry

Mark Perry, Little Jerry

Kristen Falso-Capaldi

Kristen Falso-Capaldi

Kristen Falso-Capaldi is dedicated to the craft of creative writing. Since 2013, she has written two novels, several screenplays, a stage play and numerous short stories and essays. She’s accomplished all of this while juggling a career as a full time public school teacher. Her recent work can be found in Good Housekeeping, Volume 1 Brooklyn and Joyland. Kristen is based in Chepachet, RI and is currently working on the production of a full length stage play.

For Paige Vargo-Willeford, painting is a way to capture energy and find a place of stillness. Paige has Tourette’s syndrome, which for her involves a series of up to thousands of involuntary movements a day. While painting, she finds that she can be entirely still. Because of this, the confluence between movement and stillness and between outer and inner experience has become the foundation of her work. Using watercolors and oils, she seeks to bring the experience of feeling and sensation into a visual field. She draws deep inspiration from nature and her South County home in rural Rhode Island. Paige also works with wildlife and nature centers to develop and teaching watercolor workshops that emphasize the experience of feeling rather than seeing. She hopes to encourage participants to focus on those elements of nature which speak to them on a deeper physical level.

Paige Vargo-Willeford ,   Serene Breezes at Nightfall

Paige Vargo-Willeford, Serene Breezes at Nightfall

Adam Waimon,  LimonCello

Adam Waimon, LimonCello

Adam Waimon is a glass artist from North Kingstown, RI whose work consists of blown, sculpted and carved glass. At times he will incorporate wood, metal and stone into his glass works. Though many of the works are abstract, his initial inspiration comes from nature. His Carved Series for example, is inspired by growth and the cycles of seasons and is comprised of forms influenced by seeds, leaves and flowers. His use of subtle monochromatic and transparent color allows the delicately engraved surface to refract and transmit light, creating strong elegant forms with a minimalist approach.

Welcome Lawrence Artists!

We're thrilled to partner with Lawrence Community Works for a third year to welcome a new cohort of artists to our Matched Savings Program! This year we have an audio engineer, a maker of environmentally-friendly skin and hair products, a multi-talented videographer, and a whole studio of highly skilled realist painters all helping the artist community in Lawrence continue to grow.

Many years of vigorous classical training has allowed Margaret Carrier to master the art of oil painting. Working mostly in oil on linen but also as a muralist, she paints realistic still life, portraits, figures, and landscapes. Ranging in mood and subject matter, her paintings are meant to uplift the viewer with whimsical delight or inspire a more somber and poetic experience. Since lighting and the value contrast are essential to her work, Margaret chooses to paint from natural light, using north facing windows so the light is more consistent all day. By painting from life rather than a photograph, she is able to create rich atmosphere and unity, capturing the way the blue sky casts light on her subjects and warm colors emerge when objects are in shadow. Margaret is relocating to Lawrence with the Ingbretson Studio.

Margaret Carrier,  The Foyer

Margaret Carrier, The Foyer

Calendula & Orange

Calendula & Orange

Rafaela Gonzalez is the founder of GLORYSCENT, an environmentally friendly handmade skin and hair product company. She makes it her mission to provide environmentally friendly products to her communities and in doing so, bring joy and excitement to the experience of self-care. Her handmade soaps are made with plant botanicals, coconut, olive, sustainable palm, and avocado oil as well as other quality ingredients and scented with essential oils for an extra therapeutic and relaxing touch. Rafela began making homemade recipes to take care of her own hair after finally rejecting the pressure she felt growing up as a woman of color, to have straight soft hair.  Instead she embraced a “TWA” (Teeny Weeny Afro) and started her own company.

Greg Abate started playing music at the age of nine. Teaching himself to play a wide range of instruments over the years lead him towards a fascination with recording and mixing sound. Greg has a decade of experience in audio engineering, working in a range of setups, from world class studios designed by famous acousticians to bedrooms with only a laptop and a microphone. He believes that the modern realities of music production allow for great work can be done anywhere, provided one understands the limitations of the environment. Greg is the owner and operator of Neon Audio in Lawrence, offering recording services and consultation at any and all stages of the music production process.

Greg Abate at Neon Audio

Greg Abate at Neon Audio

painting by John Folley

painting by John Folley

John Folley is a New England-based independent artist and illustrator. He is currently under instruction in the Boston School of Painting with the master artist Paul Ingbretson. He embraces a wide range of subject matter for his paintings including still life, portraiture, landscape, imaginative work, and even abstract design. John is always excited to find new and beautiful color schemes and compose them in unexpected ways. Each painting as an opportunity for him to improve his ability to see and share beauty with those who see my work. He also operates a small gallery project called Rat Scullery Art Gallery on Etsy. He is relocating to Lawrence with the Ingbretson Studio.

Jose A. Rodriguez works in photography, graphic design and video production.  He travels the world for his work whether it’s shooting fashion or lifestyle product photography, making music videos, creating branding and logo designs for companies or working on personal projects. Jose is a long term resident of Lawrence where he maintains a studio and enjoys learning new skills.

Adidas. BTS Photography.  Shanghai, China.

Adidas. BTS Photography. Shanghai, China.

John Petersen,  Mountain Vista Through Trees , 10"x14", Oil paint on Canvas Panel  

John Petersen, Mountain Vista Through Trees, 10"x14", Oil paint on Canvas Panel

John Petersen is a Boston School painter with 25 years of experience specializing in impressionist landscapes and beautiful realist still life painting. He often paints directly from nature in the plein air tradition. When working in the studio, he paints still life or uses his smaller landscape work as a basis for developing larger paintings. An impressionist at heart, light effects and color are what excite him the most. John is relocating to Lawrence with the Ingbretson Studio.

Mandy Theis is a classically trained painter who works from life and natural light in order to translate visual ideas to canvas. She is relocating to Lawrence with the Ingbretson Studios, where she acquired her training. This style of classical painting fell out of favor more than 100 years ago, but Mandy and her studio mates aspire to bring the skills back from the brink of extinction. In order to do this she also runs the Da Vinci Initiative, a non-profit education foundation that supports skill-based learning in K-12 art classrooms. The Da Vinci Initiative believes that the most creative children are those with the most tools at their disposal for making artwork. They provide atelier training and resources to art teachers to help them incorporate skill-based methods into their classroom practices.

painting by Amanda Theis

painting by Amanda Theis

Our 2018 Lawrence programming is made possible by our generous partners and funders, specifically the Barr FoundationMassachusetts Growth Capital CorporationSurdna Foundation, and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Open Studios, June 9th

Join us at our next open studios!

Date: Saturday, June 9th
When: 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Where: Building 13, 2nd Floor on MASS MoCA’s Campus

Residents Ivelisse Jimenez and Lilliam Nieves

Residents Ivelisse Jimenez and Lilliam Nieves

Participating Artists:

Maya Bajak
Ada Bobonis
Linda Ganjian
Alexander Hernandez
Ivelisse Jimenez
Derek Larson
Lilliam Nieves
Roma Pas
Landon Perkins
Lyndsi Schuesler

Directions to the Studios:
When you park in the main visitor lot at MASS MoCA, Building 13 is right in front of you. You’ll see Ferrin Contemporary and CYNTHIA-REEVES galleries on the first floor. Enter through the side door (on the end of the building farthest from Rt. 2) and take the stairs or elevator to the second floor.

Artist Opportunities: May & June

(If you have a great opportunity to share, please send suggestions to assetsforartists@massmoca.org.)

Scholarship for Book Artists

The Center for Book Arts is pleased to continue the Scholarship for Advanced Studies in Book Arts. In 2019, the Center will award two to three scholarships to individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the artistic endeavors in the book arts. The award includes a cash stipend plus a materials budget and 24 hour access to the Center’s printing and binding facilities for a full year. Artists also receive a tuition waiver for courses throughout the year, planned in conjunction with the staff.  Scholars will be required to complete an artist project by the end of the scholarship period, with an exhibition in our gallery space and public presentation.

No Entry Fee
Deadline: May 11th


Call for Public Art

Art for Science Rising is a nationwide project awarding grants to artists across the country who submit winning proposals for public-facing art that highlights the role science plays in protecting our health and safety, and the critical role we all play in ensuring that science isn’t sidelined. We are looking primarily for outdoor work, visible and bold, in public areas. Grants of $10,000 per artist will be awarded, up to $50,000 in total grants.

No Entry Fee
Deadline: May 15, 2018.

Photography Call

For the past seven years Center Forward has featured the best images in contemporary photography and photo-based work. Submit your photographs now for this acclaimed call for entry. Emerging to established artists are encouraged to submit. All types of photographic process and subjects are eligible for selection and exhibition.

Entry Fee:
Deadline: May 20th



PARADICE PALASE is seeking artists responding to or creating new conversation on utopian and/or dystopian spaces as it relates to urban environments. Works could relate to idealistic societies, cultures, other worlds; or relate to the failure, doom, and deterioration of similar spaces. The title "MIDNIGHT" references the novel "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", where the time "midnight", refers to the time between 11pm-12am (good magic) and 12am-1am (bad magic). This becomes a sort of limbo - an in between space that for a moment is a pause in a magical time of sorts, like changing of the guards. We encourage a wide range of interpretations to the theme, so long as it complies with the artwork guidelines.

Entry Fee: $10
Deadline: May 30th


Arts/Industry Residency

The Arts/Industry residency program of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center is accepting applications for their 2019 season. Apply for this unique residency that connects artists with the resources, technology, and materials of Kohler Co. in Sheboygan, WI. Each year up to 12 artists are selected for residencies in the Pottery and/or Foundry areas of the factory through a competitive jury process. No experience with clay or cast metal is required, just an interest in pursuing a new body of work and being open to new ideas.  Artists from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

No Entry Fee
Deadline: May 31st


Grants for Boston Area Artists of Color

CreateWell Fund is the first advocacy and grantmaking initiative in the Greater Boston area to support low-income artists of color in their authentic art-making and in the care of their well-being. Grants will be awarded based on proposal needs and requests, for 1) creating a new original art project honoring one’s authentic artistry and 2) achieving a realistic wellness goal tending to a critical aspect of one’s well-being. The CreateWell Fund will award two to four select individuals $2000 up to $6000, for projects lasting up to one-year in duration.

No Entry Fee
Deadline: May 31

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 12.16.46 PM.png

Open Call

Field Projects has announced their SUMMER 2018 Open Call. Emerging and mid-career artists are invited to submit their work for consideration in our June-July 2018 exhibition. All submissions will be considered by Guest Curators: Lissa Rivera, curator at Museum of Sex, NY . Simultaneously, Field Projects Panel (4-5 curators) will be considering the submissions for future solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, 2 person exhibitions, art fairs, pop-up shows, off-site exhibitions and our studio visit program, where they invite outside curators to accompany us to your studio.

Entry Fee: $35
Deadline: June 2


Call for Participatory Art

Project proposals are currently being accepted for FIGMENT Boston 2018, happening Saturday July 28 & Sunday July 29 at The Rose Kennedy Greenway. FIGMENT offers opportunities for both emerging and established artists to showcase original works and create something that gets people to interact, to participate and collaborate with each other. FIGMENT welcomes works in every imaginable medium including sculpture, installation, performance, music, workshops, games, experiences, site-specific pieces, social experiments, and anything else you can dream of. They invite any project that inspires visitors to participate and interact with art.

No Entry Fee
Deadline: June 6th

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 12.35.43 PM.png

Fellowships for Artists & Writers

Vermont Studio Center is currently accepting fellowship applications for residencies scheduled between September 2018 and May 2019. Twenty-five VSC fellowships are open to ALL artists and writers living and working anywhere in the world. All applicants will be automatically considered for one of these twenty-five unrestricted awards.

Application Fee: $25
Deadline: June 15th



BKPR ART is accepting submissions for DIS/PLACED. Hurricane Maria hit the islands of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean on September 20, 2017, causing one of the worst natural disasters on record. This exhibition seeks works by visual artists who are capturing one of the largest mass migrations and forced displacements of islanders since 1950s. How are artists making visible the unprecedented collapse, movement, and resurgence of people, species, and infrastructures as the effects of Maria continue to unfold a year later? Group show will take place both in Puerto Rico and New York to coincide with the MECA Art Fair November 2018.

No Entry Fee
Deadline: July 15th

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 11.34.58 AM.png

Welcome Puerto Rican Artists!


The Studios at MASS MoCA are buzzing with spring energy and we couldn't be more excited to be welcoming our first funded artist from Puerto Rico this week!

We have raised funds to offer 6 residency slots at the Studios this spring/summer 2018 for Puerto Rican artists who were impacted by Hurricane Maria. The devastation to the island has disrupted the careers of many artists in Puerto Rico, and we created this residency opportunity to provide much needed time, space, and financial and professional support to help artists rebuild their art practices and pursue new opportunities.

Read about this exciting set of artists here and be sure to keep an eye out for future Open Studios events that these fantastic artists will be participating in so you can come say hello.

Lost Port , 2017, acrylic, ballpoint pen and colored pencil on paper, 76 x 150 in

Lost Port, 2017, acrylic, ballpoint pen and colored pencil on paper, 76 x 150 in

Gamaliel Rodriguez was our first artist resident to arrive this Wednesday! Using pen and ink on paper, Gamaliel has been working on a series of drawings that depict aerial and panoramic views of unreal industrial, military or civilian areas. These areas are non-traditional places because most of them are created from his own inventions, studies, investigations, and memories of abandoned industries, hotels and other built environments. These elaborate photorealistic scenes have the quality of engraving but also evoke architectural drawings and the photography of the mid-twentieth century.

While at the Studios, Gamaliel plans to use the medium of drawing to share his experience of Hurricane Maria and its aftermath. He hopes this experience will allow fellow artists in the program to talk about the topic and use the Studios as a laboratory of ideas. Gamaliel will be in residence from April 11 – May 1, and will participate in the Open Studios on April 28th.

Ada Bobonis creates installations that  explore the relationship between the individual and their environment, referencing urban environments and modern architecture. She is interested in urban places that are under construction, isolated and undefined. These include sites and buildings that have changed their function, and places where the past and the present coexist. Given how the uncertainty and precariousness generated by the hurricane caused such widespread exhaustion, Ada hopes to regain energy while at the Studios. She plans to work on models and drawings in preparation for the next phase of a trilogy of exhibitions dedicated to three places in California: Sequoia, Salton Sea, and the L.A. River. Ada will be in residence from May 2 – June 12.

Residual,  2017. Casa del Sargento, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Residual, 2017. Casa del Sargento, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Description w/o Place #7 , Assemblage (Canvas, vinyl,plastic, paper, drawing on wall), 9' x 12' x 3'

Description w/o Place #7, Assemblage (Canvas, vinyl,plastic, paper, drawing on wall), 9' x 12' x 3'

For the last 20 years, Ivelisse Jimenez has worked with assemblage and installation, using materials such as plastic, fabric, vinyl, plexiglass, paper, and canvas, within the language of painting and abstraction. Through the process of working abstractly, she is interested in how meaning is made and the complexity of interpretation that is present in the work. At the Studios, Ivelisse plans to use the time and studio space to stabilize her artistic practice and integrate the experience of this disaster into her work. She will be in residence from May 2 – June 12.


Lilliam Nieves is an educator, writer and artist working in a range of mediums from painting and photography to installation and video. Her courageous work reflects how female stereotypes and societal consumerism have created particular beauty rituals of an excessive and incomprehensible nature. She says in her application:

“For so many years, Puerto Rico continues to be a political dilemma for the United States and for Puerto Ricans themselves. It is my observation that those in the diaspora often make themselves felt with more fury. I want to find the homeland as a ritual, without detaching myself from being Puerto Rican, feeling like I am the diaspora, without being so -- being part of the United States without being (although on the island they believe they live in a state). I want to keep feeling the Caribbean even if it freezes my bones, always to be Puerto Rican forever.”

Lilliam will be in residence from May 2 – June 12.

Beauty Queen II,  caoba rosa y tinta, 5'x3'x1”

Beauty Queen II, caoba rosa y tinta, 5'x3'x1”

Pulmón abierto (Open Lung)  Site-specific performance, performance documentation

Pulmón abierto (Open Lung) Site-specific performance, performance documentation

Natalie Falero is an interdisciplinary artist working in the mediums of performance, video, photography, and installation. Her work deals with the body as a sensor and processor of trauma, interacting with cultural and social-political constructs, and exploring social injustices related to discrimination of race and gender, sexual violence, and colonialism. While at the Studios, Natalie plans to continue a body of work in which she examines the experience of being in constant movement, exploring what becomes of the search for basic resources; how does it feel to not belong, trying to find a place to call home, and how does this impact the psyche and the physical body? She also asks, how do we share the experience of being displaced? And what are the aesthetics of displacement and resilience? Natalie will be in residence from June 27 - July 17.

During Hurricane Maria, Rogelio Baez-Vega lost the two story building that housed his workspace and home. Nevertheless, he was able to turn his apartment's dining room into a makeshift artist studio and has been painting a series titled "Colonial Suites."  These are large format oil and gold powder pigment paintings where he explores Puerto Rico's colonial status through its constructed landscape, focusing on the governor's mansion, La Fortaleza. At the Studios, he hopes to build back a base from which to obtain economic sustainability, expand his technical skills, and explore a variety of graphic media. Rogelio will be in residence from August 1 – September 11.

Flores para Fortaleza , from the “Colonial Suites” series, 2017, oil on canvas, 50” x 71”

Flores para Fortaleza, from the “Colonial Suites” series, 2017, oil on canvas, 50” x 71”

The emergency residency opportunity for artists in Puerto Rico has been generously supported by the Dorothea L. Leonhardt Foundation, the Rudin Foundation, Richard & Leslie Morgenthal, and several anonymous donors. We are deeply grateful for their support.

Open Studios, April 28th

We're hosting an Open Studios!

And this time, it's in collaboration with other arts organizations in our building.
Read below for details!

Open Studios by the Studios at MASS MoCA
Saturday, April 28th
5:00-7:00 PM

On the campus of MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA


B13 Open House

Celebrate the art and artists in Building 13 at MASS MoCA. View ongoing and new exhibitions, meet artists and see work-in-process in The Studios at MASS MoCA, and browse the galleries and archive at The Artist Book Foundation. 

Spring Building 13 Open House on the MASS MoCA campus is a part of ArtWeek, a statewide program highlighting the importance of supporting the arts in Massachusetts. ArtWeek takes place April 27–May 6. 

Building 13 is located at 1315 MASS MoCA Way at the south end of the museum complex. The museum’s beautifully restored 19-century mill buildings featuring galleries, eateries, and a multi-venue center for the performing arts. MASS MoCA hosts a constellation of creative artists, innovative programs, cultural institutions, businesses, and lovers of great art, food, and drink, who all come together to infuse the historic factory setting with vibrant culture and commerce.

The Studios at MASS MoCA Open House


Images courtesy of Max Colby

5:00 - 7:00 PM
We invite you to join us for our first Open Studios of the Spring season! Our new group of residents, diverse in their practices, are eager to share their work with you. From fiber-based sculptures to silkscreen prints and readings, there's a little something for everyone at this upcoming event. 

It’s free, so tell your friends -- or come alone and make new friends! Refreshments are on the house.

Participating Artists:

Hyun Jung Ahn
Paolo Arao
Max Colby
Simone Couto
Danielle Ezzo
David Greenwood
Alexandra Forsyth Martinez
Gamaliel Rodriguez
Hui-Ying Tsai
Jon Verney

The Artist Book Foundation

3:00 - 5:30 PM
In conjunction with the current exhibition: TOM BLACKWELL, Motorcycles and Mannequins, there will be a panel discussion on the iconic status of the motorcycle in American culture and the role Photorealism plays as a strong and appropriate genre for its representation in art. Featuring artist, Tom Blackwell, and Photorealism expert, Louis Meisel.

Ferrin Contemporary

4:00 - 6:00 PM
DIRECTIONS: Sergei Isupov, the first exhibition in a series in which the gallery will shine focus on artists whose recent work captures a transitional moment in their creative process.The artist Sergei Isupov will demonstrate his figure-ground painting technique and discuss the new directions explored in his recent works.


5:00 - 7:00 PM
CHINESE ABSTRACTION - an exhibition that brings together artwork in diverse media by four contemporary Chinese artists. The show features minimalist paintings by Shen Chen; monumental watercolors of the urban landscape by Paul Ching- Bor; rich abstract oil paintings by Lianghong Feng; and, work by Cui Fei, whose abstract drawings, photographs, and installations evoke Chinese calligraphy through the use of organic materials.

Art in the Building 13 Common Areas

Evan Hauser, courtesy of Ferrin Contemporary
Yechel Gagnon - custom-made and hand carved plywood, courtesy of CYNTHIA-REEVES

1st Floor
Ferrin Contemporary

2nd Floor
The Artist Book Foundation
The Studios at MASS MoCA, a program by Assets for Artists

Click here to find the Press Release. 

Open Studios, March 29th

Thursday, March 29th
5:00-7:00 PM

The Studios at MASS MoCA

Building 13, 2nd Floor on MASS MoCA’s Campus

We hope that you'll join us at the end of the month for our next Open Studios on March 29th! Our current group is eager to share what they've been working on, and we're eager to invite you to come and take a look.  

Petros Chrisostomos.jpg

Work-in-progress by Petros Chrisostomou


Our events are free, so tell your friends -- or come alone and make new friends! You’ll be able to connect with our current group of artists, meander through the studios discovering works-in-progress, and enjoy refreshments on us.


Rachel Bacon
Petros Chrisostomou
InKyoung Chun
Jannice Chung
Maria Jose Gimenez
Marisa Hricovsky
Suzy Kopf
Cynthia O'Brien
Jinie Park
Hiba Schahbaz

Directions to the Studios:
When you park in the main visitor lot at MASS MoCA, Building 13 is right in front of you. You’ll see Ferrin Contemporary and CYNTHIA-REEVES galleries on the first floor. Enter through the side door (on the end of the building farthest from Rt. 2) and take the stairs or elevator to the second floor.


Welcome Holyoke Artists!

The creative economy is booming in Holyoke and we couldn't be more excited to be partnering with the city for a third year in a row. We are thrilled to introduce the newest additions to our Holyoke Matched Savings Program -- our biggest and most eclectic group yet.

Whether photographing the lively food culture of the Pioneer Valley, painstakingly restoring a historically significant violin, or passing down the secrets of metal craftsmanship to Holyoke's next generation, these nine artists are fueling creative resurgence and bringing fresh energy, art and skill to the Paper City.

Sarah Coates' work teeters on the edge of art and design. While Sarah has an extensive education in contemporary jewelry that informs their creations, their work intentionally crosses the boundaries of jewelry making and expands into the realms of sculpture, installation, design, and writing. Conceptually, Sarah's work focuses on the schism between adulthood and growing up. Utilizing a material jamboree of hand-made or time-worn items to refine their own narrative, Sarah muddles with memories, simultaneously creating and getting lost in that same story. To Sarah, this particular brew of reality and fiction, steeped from the materials they use, is akin to making magic.

Sarah Coates,  This is My Hugging Cactus and So Can You , 2016  

Sarah Coates, This is My Hugging Cactus and So Can You, 2016

little cat metals

little cat metals

A classically trained metalsmith, Carol Joannidi of Little Cat Metals hand-fabricates timelessly modern jewelry with recycled American metal. She strives to create lightweight but durable designs using positive and negative space. Stone setting is always done by hand and each bezel is custom for the unique stone used. Carol was raised on Martha’s Vineyard surrounded by educators, artists, cooks, storytellers, and other creatives. Now residing in Holyoke, her designs are inspired by nature, math/science, and her surroundings.

Creating a distinctive and immersive experience for the viewer is Chris Nelson’s main goal. To achieve this he designs and builds site-responsive installations that complement their environments, often employing kinetic elements, sound and colored lighting. These pieces address the interaction between person and space, both on physical and emotional levels. Chris is interested in how people relate to a given space or environment and how their perspective changes as they navigate throughout that space.

Chris Nelson,  303 ZONE 4 , 2015

Chris Nelson, 303 ZONE 4, 2015


Sarah Peck is a luthier who concentrates on early stringed instruments. She makes and restores instruments in the viola da gamba family, all if which were popular during the 15th to 18th centuries. Her work includes historic practices in carving and decoration all the while trying to maintain playability that represents the best historical practices. Years of intensive work and study in Connecticut, Massachusetts, England and New York make Sarah not only an expert in her craft, but also in the history and development of Baroque instruments. Whether the task at hand is the painstaking restoration of a historically significant instrument or the routine repair and maintenance of a violin, Sarah spends the time deemed necessary to do the finest work.

Carlos Peña is an artist and activist who has been designing and screen printing garments for over 15 years. His prints address themes of social justice, using bilingual/Spanglish text along with images that reference pop culture and empower black and brown communities. Carlos is originally from the Dominican Republic, was raised in New York City and now resides in Holyoke. After deciding to turn his printing skills into a business, he opened Paper City Clothing on Dwight Street, where he currently offers a variety of screen printing and image transfer services along with community workshops.

Community workshop run by Paper City Clothing Company

Community workshop run by Paper City Clothing Company

Kamil Peters

Kamil Peters

Drawing inspiration from concepts of rebirth, mortality and nature, Kamil Peters uses steel, found objects, scrap metal and reclaimed wood to fabricate fine art and commercial pieces. His creations are heavily influenced by ancient artifacts but reflect our current culture. He explores a variety of textures, patinas and other finishing techniques to enhance the natural beauty of the found metal he uses. Through his career, Kamil has had the enduring goal of sharing his knowledge with others, particularly young people. In passing down the secrets of metal craftsmanship and sculpture, which he does at his Holyoke shop, The Diesel Works, he is fulfilling a sense of responsibility and paying homage to the tradition.

Matthew Johnson builds high quality, environmentally conscious furniture and custom cabinetry for residential and commercial clients. He founded Piedmont Woodcraft in 2011 on the premise that high quality, thoughtful design is as important as respecting the environment and limiting waste. To this end, Matthew's work uses naturally-based, environmentally friendly finishes and recycled or reclaimed wood and metals. Matthew frequents regional lumber yards throughout Massachusetts and greater New England that specialize in reclaimed lumber, seeking out wood with a history to use in my projects. Each piece is unique in some way, with a story of its own to tell.

Matthew Johnson, Two part wormy maple coffee table

Matthew Johnson, Two part wormy maple coffee table

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.53.45 AM.png

Dominic Perri is a professional food photographer who documents food culture for a variety of publications, businesses, and personal projects. He grew up in north New Jersey in a large Italian family where he developed his love for food at an early age. Dominic's photos range from close-up images of food at restaurants, to portraits of chefs, to his more recent work about the food "process." Being surrounded by farms and a lively food culture in the Pioneer Valley, Dominic is inspired to capture the life of food: the people that grow it, the hands that mold it, and the communities that enjoy it.

For Luis Salazar, video is the perfect medium to feature stories of individuals in divided communities in an effort to create awareness and bring people together. He has been a videographer since age 16. Luis' first documentary project was telling the stories of those impacted by terrorism in his home country, Peru. After an extensive career in Latin America, he moved to Brooklyn, NY and started the hyperlocal media platform, The New Regulars. There he created the film Locality, a living map of artists, leaders, and small business owners in Crown Heights. Luis is currently working producing a second season in Holyoke.

Luis Salazar,  Locality (film still) , 2016

Luis Salazar, Locality (film still), 2016

Our 2018 Holyoke programming is made possible by our generous partners and funders, specifically the  Barr FoundationMassachusetts Growth Capital CorporationSurdna Foundation, and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Workshop Opportunities for CT Artists

Hey Connecticut Artists!

Assets for Artists is back with FREE professional development workshops for CT-based artists in all disciplines. If you're serious about strengthening your practice, learning from art business and marketing experts, and connecting with fellow artists & makers, we hope you'll sign up!

This is our third year of partnership with the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development / Office of the Arts and three of the state's powerhouse arts councils: Northwest Connecticut Arts CouncilSoutheastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition, and Windham Arts. Together, we're pleased to present you with our 2018 CT workshops, made possible with support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Business Development Grant Program.


To request a seat in any of the workshops listed below, email Briana at bhalpin@massmoca.org with your name, home address, and artist website or brief description of your artistic practice.

Preference will be given to artists from rural areas of Connecticut, but artists from urban CT may also enroll if space allows. Participation is FREE! 

The Assets for Artists program promotes equal opportunity and seeks diversity in its workshop participants.


Kim Faler 1.jpg

Beyond the MFA: Understanding Your Art Practice as a Business with Kim Faler

Thursday, April 19  |  1:30 - 5:30pm  |  New Hartford, CT

Kim Faler is an installation artist who has been awarded Rauschenberg and Artpace residencies and has exhibited at MASS MoCA and Art Dubai. 

In this workshop, participants will create a framework for understanding their practice as a business and a strategic plan for advancing their goals. Tools will include artist statements, portfolios, and website review, as well as understanding budgets & finance, time management, and fundraising. 

Recommended for non-commercial artists with an installation-based / conceptual practice. 


Laura Baring-Gould 2.jpg

Create Success: Selling Your Work at High-End Art Markets, Craft Shows & Artisan Festivals with Laura Baring-Gould

Friday, May 11  |  1-5pm  |  Goshen, CT

Laura Baring-Gould's practice includes award-winning installations, public artworks and small bronzes sold in galleries, juried shows and through private commissions. In this workshop participants will explore the rich entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges present in making, marketing and selling their artwork. Specific topics will include strategies for show applications and selection, product pricing and diversity, financial accounting / tax reporting, client interactions, promotion and the importance of sustaining creative buoyancy. 


Artist in Business with Dee Boyle-Clapp

Due to popular demand, this workshop will be offered in two separate times/locations:
Saturday, May 12  |  9:30am - 5pm  |  Hampton, CT
Friday, May 18  |  9:30am - 5pm  |  Groton, CT


Building on her 25 years of experience in the arts, Dee Boyle-Clapp now directs the Arts Extension Service at UMASS. In this training, she will introduce the elements of a business plan and information helpful for running your artist-based business. Through a mix of instruction and guided activities you will learn how to create a series of attainable business goals that shape the future of your art-based business, including how to describe your work, hire outside experts, handle financial details, and structure your business. 

Most suitable for commercial and craft-based artists.

Our work in Connecticut is possible because of our wonderful funders & partners