Artist Profiles

Welcome Rhode Island Artists!

We are excited to finally announce our newest cohort of artists from Rhode Island! This year we partnered with Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the United States Department of Agriculture to offer matched saving grants to artists living or working in rural Rhode Island. 

Whether immersed in the intricacy of macrame, drawing in space with steel or writing a screenplay, this impressive cohort of artists from across the state is really heating things up, some of them quite literally in the glass shop! Drawing inspiration from Rhode Island's natural and coastal surroundings is another common thread linking this group of artists and taking the forms of stained glass, painting, wood-carving and metalsmithing.

For Michael Gabrielle, making art has always been a meditative process and ultimately a way of taking care of himself.  While his work has taken many forms over the years, he has recently found himself immersed in the world of macrame. Creating the thousands of knots necessary to complete a macrame piece is an exercise in patience and passion. He is drawn to the calmness and rest he finds in the intricacy of this process. Michael also shares his passion for art and healing though his work as the Program Director of PeaceLove, an expressive arts studio focused on mental health and mental wellness. He helps people find personal fulfillment by using creativity for authentic, imaginative and spontaneous expression.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 3.14.25 PM.png

work by Hannah Purcell Martin

work by Hannah Purcell Martin

Hannah Purcell Martin is a painter and glassblower from Smithfeild, RI. Both mediums present the opportunity for her to create brightly colored, saturated and organic shapes and forms. Her paintings start by applying a spontaneous layer of dark stain. These inky black brush strokes influence colorful and free-flowing layers to follow. While her paintings are rooted in the natural landscape, she allows her imagination to transform reality into abstraction, creating scenes that suggest fantastical space-scapes, whimsical dwellings, mythical creatures or strange biology. Her glass creations also seem to be artifacts of her imaginary lands. She enjoys making glass jars because they have an implied use that can only be fulfilled by their future owners, only complete when a jar is filled.

Andrew Haviland grew up on the coast of Maine, but currently resides in Cranston, RI, where he operates Andrew Haviland Original Works. His pieces are hand carved, cast, and finished locally in the small ocean state of Rhode Island. Needless to say, Andrew’s jewelry and metalwork are nautical by nature. Andrew has always been interested in the natural world, especially exoskeletons and shells. He is particularly inspired by the natural defense mechanisms of these small, fragile ocean creatures and how they can thrive in such harsh environments. This story of resilience has taken root in all of his work, making his wearables also function as reminders of survival and adaptation.

Andrew Haviland,  Open Cluster Barnacle Ring, Crustacea Cirripedia I

Andrew Haviland, Open Cluster Barnacle Ring, Crustacea Cirripedia I

Jennifer Weeden-Black,  Great Blue Heron  (in progress)

Jennifer Weeden-Black, Great Blue Heron (in progress)

Since 2012, Jennifer Weeden-Black has owned and operated Islandesign Glass out of her home studio in Jamestown, RI. She owes much of the inspiration behind her stained glass creations to her beloved hometown. The beaches, farms, two bridges and lighthouses of Jamestown are frequently depicted in her glass work. She also integrates found and re-purposed glass into her pieces, such as vintage glass bottles that serve the dual purpose of holding a flower. Using found sea glass from local beaches further connects her work to a sense of place and home. Jennifer also enjoys opportunities to teach youth and adults the art of stained glass.

Isabel Mattia takes the practice of sketching to the next level, often in the form of welded steel. The sketchbook, she believes, is a proving ground or test lab for artists “where we jot a quick idea in the middle of the night, draw the woman’s ear in front of us on the train, draw a form, trace it, retrace it, erase it”. Her sculptures become drawings in space that three-dimensionally engage viewers in the function and experience of drawing. This process is a way for Isabel to celebrate the explorative marks that accumulate in the pages of a sketchbook, whether they be quick doodles or labored drafting. Isabel lives on a nascent Farm in Little Compton Rhode Island and is an MFA candidate at Rhode Island School of Design.

Isabel Mattia,  Baby, i love you and that rainbow ball

Isabel Mattia, Baby, i love you and that rainbow ball

Lynne DeBeer,  Life Quilt #2

Lynne DeBeer, Life Quilt #2

Lynne DeBeer has been making art since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Her early creative musings led to an impressive 40 year career dedicated to the arts in a variety of different capacities. Now Lynne is picking up that crayon once again and transitioning from a life of full-time consulting/teaching work to finally focusing her own painting career. This time, oil crayon is her material of choice, used in combination with beeswax, natural materials and acrylic. Ranging from realistic to abstract, her work is about the physical process of building and excavating materials on canvas. She is currently creating a series of canvasses which are autobiographical in nature. Lynne is based in Tiverton, RI and has a studio in Bristol.

Mark Perry's contemporary works are inspired and informed by early American folk art sculpture. He is drawn to the passionate spirit present in these early works, the naive expressions of day-to-day themes and their natural patinas created from time and weather. He carves both animal and figurative wood sculptures using a variety of tools, including power and traditional hand tools such as knives, gouges and a mallet. Once carved, the sculpture is finished with paint. He often adds found metal or antique elements into his work to help define a narrative. Mark hopes his carvings will become heirloom works of art that have a place in today’s contemporary world but that will continue to be appreciated from one generation to the next. Mark is based in Westerly, RI.

Mark Perry,  Little Jerry

Mark Perry, Little Jerry

Kristen Falso-Capaldi

Kristen Falso-Capaldi

Kristen Falso-Capaldi is dedicated to the craft of creative writing. Since 2013, she has written two novels, several screenplays, a stage play and numerous short stories and essays. She’s accomplished all of this while juggling a career as a full time public school teacher. Her recent work can be found in Good Housekeeping, Volume 1 Brooklyn and Joyland. Kristen is based in Chepachet, RI and is currently working on the production of a full length stage play.

For Paige Vargo-Willeford, painting is a way to capture energy and find a place of stillness. Paige has Tourette’s syndrome, which for her involves a series of up to thousands of involuntary movements a day. While painting, she finds that she can be entirely still. Because of this, the confluence between movement and stillness and between outer and inner experience has become the foundation of her work. Using watercolors and oils, she seeks to bring the experience of feeling and sensation into a visual field. She draws deep inspiration from nature and her South County home in rural Rhode Island. Paige also works with wildlife and nature centers to develop and teaching watercolor workshops that emphasize the experience of feeling rather than seeing. She hopes to encourage participants to focus on those elements of nature which speak to them on a deeper physical level.

Paige Vargo-Willeford ,   Serene Breezes at Nightfall

Paige Vargo-Willeford, Serene Breezes at Nightfall

Adam Waimon,  LimonCello

Adam Waimon, LimonCello

Adam Waimon is a glass artist from North Kingstown, RI whose work consists of blown, sculpted and carved glass. At times he will incorporate wood, metal and stone into his glass works. Though many of the works are abstract, his initial inspiration comes from nature. His Carved Series for example, is inspired by growth and the cycles of seasons and is comprised of forms influenced by seeds, leaves and flowers. His use of subtle monochromatic and transparent color allows the delicately engraved surface to refract and transmit light, creating strong elegant forms with a minimalist approach.

Welcome Lawrence Artists!

We're thrilled to partner with Lawrence Community Works for a third year to welcome a new cohort of artists to our Matched Savings Program! This year we have an audio engineer, a maker of environmentally-friendly skin and hair products, a multi-talented videographer, and a whole studio of highly skilled realist painters all helping the artist community in Lawrence continue to grow.

Many years of vigorous classical training has allowed Margaret Carrier to master the art of oil painting. Working mostly in oil on linen but also as a muralist, she paints realistic still life, portraits, figures, and landscapes. Ranging in mood and subject matter, her paintings are meant to uplift the viewer with whimsical delight or inspire a more somber and poetic experience. Since lighting and the value contrast are essential to her work, Margaret chooses to paint from natural light, using north facing windows so the light is more consistent all day. By painting from life rather than a photograph, she is able to create rich atmosphere and unity, capturing the way the blue sky casts light on her subjects and warm colors emerge when objects are in shadow. Margaret is relocating to Lawrence with the Ingbretson Studio.

Margaret Carrier,  The Foyer

Margaret Carrier, The Foyer

Calendula & Orange

Calendula & Orange

Rafaela Gonzalez is the founder of GLORYSCENT, an environmentally friendly handmade skin and hair product company. She makes it her mission to provide environmentally friendly products to her communities and in doing so, bring joy and excitement to the experience of self-care. Her handmade soaps are made with plant botanicals, coconut, olive, sustainable palm, and avocado oil as well as other quality ingredients and scented with essential oils for an extra therapeutic and relaxing touch. Rafela began making homemade recipes to take care of her own hair after finally rejecting the pressure she felt growing up as a woman of color, to have straight soft hair.  Instead she embraced a “TWA” (Teeny Weeny Afro) and started her own company.

Greg Abate started playing music at the age of nine. Teaching himself to play a wide range of instruments over the years lead him towards a fascination with recording and mixing sound. Greg has a decade of experience in audio engineering, working in a range of setups, from world class studios designed by famous acousticians to bedrooms with only a laptop and a microphone. He believes that the modern realities of music production allow for great work can be done anywhere, provided one understands the limitations of the environment. Greg is the owner and operator of Neon Audio in Lawrence, offering recording services and consultation at any and all stages of the music production process.

Greg Abate at Neon Audio

Greg Abate at Neon Audio

painting by John Folley

painting by John Folley

John Folley is a New England-based independent artist and illustrator. He is currently under instruction in the Boston School of Painting with the master artist Paul Ingbretson. He embraces a wide range of subject matter for his paintings including still life, portraiture, landscape, imaginative work, and even abstract design. John is always excited to find new and beautiful color schemes and compose them in unexpected ways. Each painting as an opportunity for him to improve his ability to see and share beauty with those who see my work. He also operates a small gallery project called Rat Scullery Art Gallery on Etsy. He is relocating to Lawrence with the Ingbretson Studio.

Jose A. Rodriguez works in photography, graphic design and video production.  He travels the world for his work whether it’s shooting fashion or lifestyle product photography, making music videos, creating branding and logo designs for companies or working on personal projects. Jose is a long term resident of Lawrence where he maintains a studio and enjoys learning new skills.

Adidas. BTS Photography.  Shanghai, China.

Adidas. BTS Photography. Shanghai, China.

John Petersen,  Mountain Vista Through Trees , 10"x14", Oil paint on Canvas Panel  

John Petersen, Mountain Vista Through Trees, 10"x14", Oil paint on Canvas Panel

John Petersen is a Boston School painter with 25 years of experience specializing in impressionist landscapes and beautiful realist still life painting. He often paints directly from nature in the plein air tradition. When working in the studio, he paints still life or uses his smaller landscape work as a basis for developing larger paintings. An impressionist at heart, light effects and color are what excite him the most. John is relocating to Lawrence with the Ingbretson Studio.

Mandy Theis is a classically trained painter who works from life and natural light in order to translate visual ideas to canvas. She is relocating to Lawrence with the Ingbretson Studios, where she acquired her training. This style of classical painting fell out of favor more than 100 years ago, but Mandy and her studio mates aspire to bring the skills back from the brink of extinction. In order to do this she also runs the Da Vinci Initiative, a non-profit education foundation that supports skill-based learning in K-12 art classrooms. The Da Vinci Initiative believes that the most creative children are those with the most tools at their disposal for making artwork. They provide atelier training and resources to art teachers to help them incorporate skill-based methods into their classroom practices.

painting by Amanda Theis

painting by Amanda Theis

Our 2018 Lawrence programming is made possible by our generous partners and funders, specifically the Barr FoundationMassachusetts Growth Capital CorporationSurdna Foundation, and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Welcome Puerto Rican Artists!


The Studios at MASS MoCA are buzzing with spring energy and we couldn't be more excited to be welcoming our first funded artist from Puerto Rico this week!

We have raised funds to offer 6 residency slots at the Studios this spring/summer 2018 for Puerto Rican artists who were impacted by Hurricane Maria. The devastation to the island has disrupted the careers of many artists in Puerto Rico, and we created this residency opportunity to provide much needed time, space, and financial and professional support to help artists rebuild their art practices and pursue new opportunities.

Read about this exciting set of artists here and be sure to keep an eye out for future Open Studios events that these fantastic artists will be participating in so you can come say hello.

Lost Port , 2017, acrylic, ballpoint pen and colored pencil on paper, 76 x 150 in

Lost Port, 2017, acrylic, ballpoint pen and colored pencil on paper, 76 x 150 in

Gamaliel Rodriguez was our first artist resident to arrive this Wednesday! Using pen and ink on paper, Gamaliel has been working on a series of drawings that depict aerial and panoramic views of unreal industrial, military or civilian areas. These areas are non-traditional places because most of them are created from his own inventions, studies, investigations, and memories of abandoned industries, hotels and other built environments. These elaborate photorealistic scenes have the quality of engraving but also evoke architectural drawings and the photography of the mid-twentieth century.

While at the Studios, Gamaliel plans to use the medium of drawing to share his experience of Hurricane Maria and its aftermath. He hopes this experience will allow fellow artists in the program to talk about the topic and use the Studios as a laboratory of ideas. Gamaliel will be in residence from April 11 – May 1, and will participate in the Open Studios on April 28th.

Ada Bobonis creates installations that  explore the relationship between the individual and their environment, referencing urban environments and modern architecture. She is interested in urban places that are under construction, isolated and undefined. These include sites and buildings that have changed their function, and places where the past and the present coexist. Given how the uncertainty and precariousness generated by the hurricane caused such widespread exhaustion, Ada hopes to regain energy while at the Studios. She plans to work on models and drawings in preparation for the next phase of a trilogy of exhibitions dedicated to three places in California: Sequoia, Salton Sea, and the L.A. River. Ada will be in residence from May 2 – June 12.

Residual,  2017. Casa del Sargento, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Residual, 2017. Casa del Sargento, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Description w/o Place #7 , Assemblage (Canvas, vinyl,plastic, paper, drawing on wall), 9' x 12' x 3'

Description w/o Place #7, Assemblage (Canvas, vinyl,plastic, paper, drawing on wall), 9' x 12' x 3'

For the last 20 years, Ivelisse Jimenez has worked with assemblage and installation, using materials such as plastic, fabric, vinyl, plexiglass, paper, and canvas, within the language of painting and abstraction. Through the process of working abstractly, she is interested in how meaning is made and the complexity of interpretation that is present in the work. At the Studios, Ivelisse plans to use the time and studio space to stabilize her artistic practice and integrate the experience of this disaster into her work. She will be in residence from May 2 – June 12.


Lilliam Nieves is an educator, writer and artist working in a range of mediums from painting and photography to installation and video. Her courageous work reflects how female stereotypes and societal consumerism have created particular beauty rituals of an excessive and incomprehensible nature. She says in her application:

“For so many years, Puerto Rico continues to be a political dilemma for the United States and for Puerto Ricans themselves. It is my observation that those in the diaspora often make themselves felt with more fury. I want to find the homeland as a ritual, without detaching myself from being Puerto Rican, feeling like I am the diaspora, without being so -- being part of the United States without being (although on the island they believe they live in a state). I want to keep feeling the Caribbean even if it freezes my bones, always to be Puerto Rican forever.”

Lilliam will be in residence from May 2 – June 12.

Beauty Queen II,  caoba rosa y tinta, 5'x3'x1”

Beauty Queen II, caoba rosa y tinta, 5'x3'x1”

Pulmón abierto (Open Lung)  Site-specific performance, performance documentation

Pulmón abierto (Open Lung) Site-specific performance, performance documentation

Natalie Falero is an interdisciplinary artist working in the mediums of performance, video, photography, and installation. Her work deals with the body as a sensor and processor of trauma, interacting with cultural and social-political constructs, and exploring social injustices related to discrimination of race and gender, sexual violence, and colonialism. While at the Studios, Natalie plans to continue a body of work in which she examines the experience of being in constant movement, exploring what becomes of the search for basic resources; how does it feel to not belong, trying to find a place to call home, and how does this impact the psyche and the physical body? She also asks, how do we share the experience of being displaced? And what are the aesthetics of displacement and resilience? Natalie will be in residence from June 27 - July 17.

During Hurricane Maria, Rogelio Baez-Vega lost the two story building that housed his workspace and home. Nevertheless, he was able to turn his apartment's dining room into a makeshift artist studio and has been painting a series titled "Colonial Suites."  These are large format oil and gold powder pigment paintings where he explores Puerto Rico's colonial status through its constructed landscape, focusing on the governor's mansion, La Fortaleza. At the Studios, he hopes to build back a base from which to obtain economic sustainability, expand his technical skills, and explore a variety of graphic media. Rogelio will be in residence from August 1 – September 11.

Flores para Fortaleza , from the “Colonial Suites” series, 2017, oil on canvas, 50” x 71”

Flores para Fortaleza, from the “Colonial Suites” series, 2017, oil on canvas, 50” x 71”

The emergency residency opportunity for artists in Puerto Rico has been generously supported by the Dorothea L. Leonhardt Foundation, the Rudin Foundation, Richard & Leslie Morgenthal, and several anonymous donors. We are deeply grateful for their support.

Welcome Boston Artists!

Boston, you continue to impress! For the second year in a row, we are delighted to partner with the City of Boston to bring 10 Boston-based artists into our Matched Savings Program. 

So here they are. Working in painting, fashion design, choreography, public art, experimental music, journalism and hip-hop, these 10 artists are pushing the limits of their individual mediums and making some radical and relevant work.

from the  Lookbook  of Cassandra Cacoq, 2015

from the Lookbook of Cassandra Cacoq, 2015

Cassandra Cacoq designs and creates unique, fashion-forward accessories, apparel and wearable art. Trained in chemistry, her science background greatly influences her artistic process. She is a Boston native and the founder of QUUEENN, an emerging lifestyle brand that specializes in unique handmade accessories. The collection utilizes fresh and exciting textiles from all over the globe to create a line that embodies subtle statements and bold accents.

Sawool Kim,  Index 24 - relic : bird languages translator,  2017

Sawool Kim, Index 24 - relic : bird languages translator, 2017

With a particular focus on entities that are close to extinction (both living and not), Sawool Kim paints hybrid conglomerations of animals, plants and relics that are entangled and rewoven together to form new surreal landscapes. Like in a lucid dream, her scenes follow their own logic. Fantasy and reality intersect and overlap, unconscious-ness and clarity come together and existence and non-existence explore one another. To Sawool, the world is a set of images, a visual dictionary with which to index in her work. In this way she revives what is disappearing. Sawool was born in South Korea and has been living and working in Boston since 2013.

Lena McCarthy,  Crecimiento (Growth) , 2017

Lena McCarthy, Crecimiento (Growth), 2017

While living in Santiago, Chile, Lena McCarthy became actively involved in the local street art and printmaking scene. Currently she resides in Boston where she is a practicing artist and muralist. Lena approaches mural painting as gift giving. Using symbols such as a pair of hands or anatomical heart, she transforms forgotten city spaces with painted reminders of humanity. Interacting with the public while working has also been a gift, allowing her design process to evolve into a more fluid give-and-take with the community.

Jessie Jeanne & Dancers

Jessie Jeanne & Dancers

Jesse Jeanne Stinnett’s choreography disrupts social hierarchies and gives voice to those who have been systematically oppressed or silenced. Her company, Jessie Jeanne & Dancers (JJ&D), draws upon movement, speech, and lived experience as vehicles for change. Through creative process they traverse cultural and interpersonal boundaries, unearthing new pathways of communication and connection between dancer and audience. Her dance-making practice is largely informed by her experience as a woman -- drawing upon European, British, and American contemporary dance traditions in addition to meditation and somatically-informed research methods.

Candace McDuffie is a dedicated journalist and teacher specializing in critical and creative thinking. She writes about how race, gender and pop culture intersect and is especially invested in giving a platform to marginalized and underrepresented voices. Her work has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Vibe, Racked, Brooklyn Magazine, Fusion, WBUR, Metro, and The Daily Dot. She currently teaches creative writing at GrubStreet, a Boston-based nonprofit writing center.

Candace McDuffie

Candace McDuffie

Andria Nicodemou

Andria Nicodemou

Andria Nicodemou is a vibraphone player who is always searching for new sounds that push her work beyond conventional music boundaries. Focusing on improvised, experimental avant-garde and free jazz music idioms, her music is characterized as “open-ended” play, where movement, theatricality and sound are equally important. A performer at heart, she loves working on interdisciplinary art projects in collaboration with visual artists and dancers.

Sara Pajunen is a violinist and composer with training in classical music and contemporary improvisation. Her output has touched folk, electro-acoustic, tango, and sound art. Known for projects surrounding her Finnish ancestry, Pajunen’s work approaches culture and tradition in progressive yet reverent ways.

Sara Pajunen

Sara Pajunen

Gianna Stewart , Iceberg , FPAC Floating Public Art, Fort Point Channel, Boston, MA, 2018 (photo credit: Robert Gilliam)

Gianna Stewart, Iceberg, FPAC Floating Public Art, Fort Point Channel, Boston, MA, 2018 (photo credit: Robert Gilliam)

Inspiration for Gianna Stewart’s large-scale public artwork always begins with the place itself. Being site-specific, some works are motivated by the simple experience of the space, such as feeling a subtle breeze or watching the trailing hand of a passerby. Other works illuminate current events involving the Boston landscape or engage with the historic significance of a site. The ability to shape the way everyday people experience everyday spaces is what draws Gianna to public art. Her bold sculptural forms bring public attention to what often lies just below the visible surface of a place.

Billy Dean Thomas also known as “The Queer B.I.G“ is a musician who challenges the hip hop game with lyrics that align with #blacklivesmatter and inter-sectional feminism while highlighting the difficulties of growing up in NYC. Their musical career began at the age of 8 playing congas and being a part of an advanced Poetry/Performance program. Hip Hop has been a vehicle for Billy Dean to redefine their artistic identity as well as their gender identity and expression. They love re-purposing concepts, paying homage to iconic artists, ideas and images to reinvent their own version of popular culture. With music composition, visual concept and performance, Billy Dean reflects on what it means to be a queer brown female-bodied artist in what is said to be “a young man's sport.”

Billy Dean Thomas

Billy Dean Thomas

Ngoc-Tran Vu,  Community in Action: A Mural for Vietnamese People  ,  Phở Hoà Restaurant in Dorchester, MA 2017 (Photo by Courtney Regan )

Ngoc-Tran Vu, Community in Action: A Mural for Vietnamese People, Phở Hoà Restaurant in Dorchester, MA
2017 (Photo by Courtney Regan )

Ngoc-Tran Vu is a Vietnamese American multimedia and transnational artist who believes in the power of art to provoke thoughts and questions surrounding identity, community, politics, and spirituality. Her socially engaged work draws from her experience as a community organizer, educator, and healer. Through creative collaborations such as painting murals and organizing community workshops, Ngoc-Tran visually preserves stories from communities of color as well as refugee and immigrant experiences of migration and displacement. She in interested in the intersections of art, cultures and activism. With her work she hopes to establish new narratives and modes of resistance.

Welcome Massachusetts Statewide Artists!

Assets for Artists is pleased to announce the latest group of artists to join our Massachusetts cohort! From a variety of cities and towns across the state, these amazing artists, designers and musicians wow us with the breadth and depth of their creative pursuits.

In the upcoming weeks, we'll also be announcing new enrollments in Boston, Holyoke, and Lawrence, MA. Stay tuned!

Roya Amigh ,   the world is that kind of sleep , 2016

Roya Amigh, the world is that kind of sleep, 2016

By configuring cut paper with materials such as lace, dandelions and cardboard, Roya Amigh’s installations take storytelling into a physical and non-linear realm. Using imagery based on Persian miniatures, she creates line drawings built from bits of glued thread and intertwines them throughout her fragile structures. Drawing on her identity as an Iranian woman, her work reveals suspended moments of memory in order to realize the uncertain border between meditation and rumination. Roya currently lives and works in the Boston area.

Taylor Apostol's sculpture is rooted in the desire to capture memories of place and body as they continually expand, contract, blur and contort. Two years living in Florence and Carrara, Italy ignited her passion for stone carving and plaster casting. Her process often leaves imprints of her body at work or traces of the environment where the objects take form. With intricately carved surfaces and bold color treatments, her work gives physical form to the transformation of a memory. She currently lives and works in the Boston area.

Taylor Apostol,  You're Growing on Me, 2017

Taylor Apostol, You're Growing on Me, 2017

Lea Chiara

Lea Chiara

Lea Chiara is a folksinger and songwriter who grew up in the rich music scene of Western Massachusetts. Her music affords her an increasingly mobile lifestyle, and Lea spins soulful story-songs and boot-stomping, waltzy vignettes about her travels. Lea is also a visual artist who makes paintings, masks and colleges. These practices inform each other and occasionally exist together in performance pieces. With painting as her first love and activism at her core, her songs have a visual quality, combining poetry and natural imagery to carry important messages about the unsung heroes of everyday life. She currently calls Easthampton home.

Studying the violin since the age of five has enabled Michael Hustedde to cultivate an exciting musical career for himself a professional violinist. Originally from Lexington, KY, he has established himself as a sought-after soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral player in the greater Boston area, playing with ensembles such as the Boston Modern Orchestra Project and Marsh Chapel Collegium. Michael’s creative explorations have led him to varied repertoire and styles and allowed him to perform around the world with orchestra tours. Next he plans on recording a high-quality solo album.

Michael Hustedde

Michael Hustedde

Felipe Ortiz,  Port Charlotte , 2017

Felipe Ortiz, Port Charlotte, 2017

Travels between his native Colombia and the United States have inspired Felipe Ortiz’s practice as a painter and muralist. In his series ““Explosive Nature” he draws elements from Colombia’s vibrant culture, colors, sounds and dense natural scenery. Other work focuses on the vast landscape and fast-paced urban environments of the United States. By plucking elements from both locations and merging them with different painting themes and styles, he creates his own idealistic pictorial visions. Felipe lives and works in the Boston area.

Nicholas John Winkler was introduced to glass at a very young age due to his father’s career as a ceramic engineer in the glass lighting industry. In 1994 his family moved to Corning, NY where he was exposed to renowned glass artists from around the world at the Corning Museum of glass, awakening his own interest in glass as an art medium. Glass allows Nicholas to take something that is intangible, an idea or a feeling, and make it tangible. By cutting and carving the glass to reveal interior layers, his work suggests that our present consciousness is based entirely off of past experiences. The layers of color in his work represent a timeline of these experiences. Nicholas lives and works in Northborough.

Nicholas John,  Juicy Fruit

Nicholas John, Juicy Fruit

Amelia C. Young,  Flamingophones,  2016 (ongoing)

Amelia C. Young, Flamingophones, 2016 (ongoing)

Amelia C. Young is a visual artist and sculptor of “devices” - objects and installations that change the way people interact with their worlds. Based in the Boston area, her work uses the cultural languages of consumer objects, waste materials, and the body to explore experiences of mental health and sustain-ability. Her process begins by examining a banal or harmful situation, such as plastic packaging or depression, then redesigning the central object or architecture into a plaything or explorable space.

Adrienne Harris is a Lowell based artist who creates illustrations for notebooks, binders, folders, and other school products. Her illustrations are fantastical in nature and focus on mythological creatures such as dragons and griffins. With her work she hopes to captivate a younger audience of school-aged children and adolescents who also enjoy dreaming up fantastical creatures.


Our 2018 programming in Massachusetts is possible because of our wonderful funders & partners, specifically the Barr FoundationMassachusetts Growth Capital CorporationSurdna Foundation, and the United States Department of Agriculture.