Open Studios, June 15th

Bring On SummeR!
witH Open Studios At MASS MOCA

Date: Saturday, June 15
When: 5-7 PM
Where: Now in two locations on MASS MoCA’s Campus!
Building 13, 2nd Floor
Building 34, adjacent to A-OK BBQ

Kyle Larson , work in progress

Kyle Larson, work in progress

It’s that time again for Open Studios at MASS MoCA! Our twelve artist residents have hit the ground running and are cranking out work at an inspiring rate. Swing by on June 15th to see what three weeks of self-directed creative focus can look like! Not to mention these guys are a particularly delightful bunch. Come spark up a conversation over drinks, snacks and an abundance of fresh new contemporary art!

Participating Artists

Mahwish Chishty
Carola Cintrón-Moscoso
Maria de Los Angeles
Fidencio Fifield-Perez
Amalia Galdona Broche
Sue Johnson
Anna Kristensen
Kyle Larson
Glorimar Marrero-Sánchez
Natalia Nakazawa
Dominic Palarchio
Justin Stafford

Directions to the Studios

B.13 When you park in the main visitor lot at MASS MoCA, Building 13 is right in front of you. You’ll see Ferrin Contemporary and CYNTHIA-REEVES galleries on the first floor. Enter through the side door (on the end of the building farthest from Rt. 2) and take the stairs or elevator to the second floor.

B.34 Is located behind A-OK BBQ in the front entrance courtyard of MASS MoCA’s campus. When facing A-OK BBQ from Bright Ideas Brewing, just head around A-OK to the right and follow the ramp to the Studios entrance (black door).

Open Studios & Block Party! May 25th

MASS MoCA is Turning 20!
Let’s Celebrate with an Open Studios (and much more)

Date: Saturday, May 25th
When: 6:30 - 8:30pm
Where: Now in two locations on MASS MoCA’s Campus!
Building 13, 2nd Floor
Building 34, adjacent to A-OK BBQ

Famous Artist Laura McMillian ,  House Party: A Parade to Find Home , 2017 (photography by Tod Seelie)

Famous Artist Laura McMillian, House Party: A Parade to Find Home, 2017 (photography by Tod Seelie)

On May 25th, MASS MoCA is throwing a big 20th birthday party spread across the museum campus. The Studios at MASS MoCA are joining in the fun by hosting a free Open Studios during the Block Party portion of the evening. In the courtyard right outside our doors there will be lawn games, live music, and lively performances (including new work by our very own artist-in-residence, Laura McMillian, starting at 5:45pm, and again at 7:00pm). Inside our studios, you’ll find an array of enticing visual work from our 12 visiting artists. Come meet our artists and grab a beer and some snacks before heading to the amazing Tank and the Bangas in Concert. (And be sure to arrive by 5:45to see Laura McMillian’s first performance and to check out the free Opening Reception for 4 new exhibitions in MASS MoCA’s galleries, from 5:30 - 7:00, before joining our Open Studios from 6:30 - 8:30. So much to see! You won’t want to miss it.)

Participating Artists

Margery Amdur
Becca Barolli
Javier Bosques
Annette Cyr
Samantha Fein
Vanessa Hernández Gracia
Sarah Jenkins
Nahee Kim
Laura McMillian
Richard-Jonathan Nelson
Zipporah Thompson
Luisa Valderrama

Laura McMillian ,  House Party: A Parade to Find Home , 2017 (photography by Tod Seelie)

Laura McMillian, House Party: A Parade to Find Home, 2017 (photography by Tod Seelie)

Live Performances by
Famous Artist Laura McMillian

Artist-in-residence Laura McMillian will be performing two new works during MASS MoCA’s 20th Anniversary Block Party (May 25th) in conjunction with our Open Studios. Both short performances will take place outside in Courtyard A.

A Camping Tale, two performances at 5:45pm and 7:00pm
The live theatrical storytelling of an unexpected encounter with a beast in the German wild. This performance features an intricate costume that transforms as the narrative unfolds. 

The Secret Life of an Armchair, on view during the Block Party
Explores the inner fantasies, fears, and wandering thoughts of an armchair navigating the doldrums of domesticity.

Welcome 2019 MA Artists! (Part 1)

Assets for Artists is thrilled to announce the latest group of artists to join our Massachusetts Matched Savings cohort! In this post, you’ll find the first half of this year’s fabulous enrollees.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be announcing the rest of our Massachusetts statewide enrollments, plus new grantees in Boston, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Please stay tuned!

Gabriel Adams.png

For the last decade, Gabriel Adams (Great Barrington) has worked intensively as a visual artist, cultural worker, curator, and project producer. In this capacity he seeks to create thoughtful and engaging works which range from installation art, sculpture, drawing, and performance, to site-specific and socially engaged projects. He recently launched The Picnic Pavilion, an exhibition and event series aimed at art tourism and disneylandification at this year's Venice Biennale. 

Having directed so much energy into the international art world, Gabriel is now turning his attention towards his hometown. After establishing a solid business plan he will launch a new space focused on contemporary art that operates as a laboratory for experimentation. He plans to draw on his far-reaching network to present changing exhibitions, host temporary projects, and essentially offer an ethos that challenges perceptions in order to uncover what is possible in Art.


Reed Anderson (Great Barrington) describes his art practice as running in three major veins: large-scale cut paper work, his Papa Object series, and his flag paintings. His paper cut works, affixed directly to canvas, are intricately hand cut and layered works which have organic, often floral, imagery rooted in historic textile patterns. His Papa Object series are Reed’s most intimate works relating to his childhood surrounded by overwhelming material culture. His flag paintings are sewn from ripstop nylon; recalling sails, kites, parachutes and hot air balloons.

The next step in Reed’s artistic journey will be to publish a catalogue of his Papa Object work, which acknowledges Reed’s own history as well as the larger history of aesthetics, with a prescient look towards the future.

Tracy Baker White.PNG

A painter of landscapes, Tracy Baker-White (Williamstown) favors painting with oil on linen or wood panels. Her work is representational, but her objective is not strict realism. Tracy defines herself as a contemporary realist, interested in the intersection between real and abstract, and the relationship between photographic / digital images and painted ones.

With the A4A program, Tracy hopes to develop specific goals for her business as an artist and plans for achieving those goals. Ultimately, her business goals are not just about the money she earns in sales, but more importantly, enriching the lives of her viewers with the art she has created.


As an Italian-born and -raised photographer, Davida Carta’s (Shelburne Falls) work explores the emotional qualities of ordinary spaces, the passing of time and the experience of belonging to a place as an immigrant. After moving to Western Massachusetts to study photography, she started Underexposed Magazine, an online platform dedicated to women photographers. This brought Davida to do more curatorial work in the field of photography.

Davida is looking forward to participating in residency programs to further immerse herself in her studio practice. She also hopes that residencies will allow her to finish a book that she has started on her series A Place Between. Printing a paper zine from Underexposed Magazine is another goal she hopes to accomplish in the coming months.

Laura Christensen.jpg

Vintage photographs are the basis of Laura Christensen’s (Williamstown) work. To Laura they serve as a physical foundation, a canvas for her painting, and they ultimately inspire conceptual frameworks for her art. By the time the photos have found her, chains of personal connections have broken. The object-ness and formal qualities are easier to see and subjects are freed to become characters. Laura paints to cancel parts of images and conjure new illusions. She creates seamless images that combine past and present, photograph and painting.

Laura is in the process of self-publishing an anthology that pairs her work with original writings (both fiction and poetry) made in response to her paintings. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Laura plans to have the book (titled THEN AGAIN: Vintage Photography Reimagined by One Artist and Thirty Writers) printed by December 2019!

Lily Fein.jpg

Lily Fein (Waban) makes coiled and pinched vessels. Her forms are continually morphing, creating a language with curves and twists, which speak about what it means to touch, both locally and at a distance. Lily determines the shape of each pot until she relinquishes that control to the firing process. The intense heat of the kiln slumps, twists, and folds the pots in particularly vulnerable areas. Through this process Lily embraces the unknown and also the memory of the clay ー as the pots try and return to a shape they once knew.

Over the course of the next year Lily wants to spend more time making and promoting her artwork, in hopes to one day build her own studio in Western Massachusetts. Lily finds that working in rural areas are beneficial to her artistic output.

Ilana Harris-Babou.PNG

Ilana Harris-Babou (Williamstown) defines her practice as interdisciplinary―spanning sculpture and installation, but grounded in video. Ilana speaks the language of consumer culture, mimicking cooking shows, music videos, and home improvement television, among others. Her sculptures work as the props and sets in her videos, and live on after shooting is finished. Once seen, the work distorts and distends the abject failures of material desire.

After working primarily in video for the past eight years, Ilana feels it is time to invest in professional camera and video equipment. She is confident that her practice would benefit immensely from the flexibility afforded by owning her own high-quality equipment.

Awesomely, Ilana was featured on the cover of the May 1 issue of Art in America.

Anna Hepler.jpg

Sculptor Anna Hepler (Greenfield) finds that her work seeks forms in conflict. Quiet, intuitive, and contradictory, Anna strives to suspend her practice in uncertainty, and in doing so, accesses embarrassment, fragility, and clumsiness — qualities that she feels are somehow honest. Anna is interested in what is alive and breathing as well as what is fleeting and dissolves in the spotlight. Her work attempts to cast an oblique eye towards these indefinable qualities.

After twenty+ years of active studio work, Anna’s plans for the future include creating a comprehensive inventory of her work completed between 1994 and 2018, with the aim of better conveying old work into new hands.


Dancer Jeffrey Jean Philippe’s (Norwell) company had their first tour last year in New England and Canada titled Within a Dancer’s Mind. Jeffrey’s overall goal was to touch his audience with powerful pressures that all artists face. Common themes in Jeffrey’s work include: loss, heartache, sexual differences, love, and acceptance. These themes are communicated through powerful movement and visual expression.

Looking forward, Jeffrey wants to expand the quality and resources of his studio. For Jeffrey, this means lowering the cost of equipment, costume improvements, and providing travel opportunities for dancers. With more chances to tour coming up in the near future, Jeffrey also hopes to expand his staff, delegate duties, and take some of the stress of touring with his company off his shoulders. He is confident that these minor improvements will help the company thrive well into the future.

Our 2019 programming in Massachusetts is possible because of our wonderful funders & partnersspecifically the Barr FoundationMassachusetts Growth Capital Corporation, and the United States Department of Agriculture.

May Artist Opportunities

(If you have a great opportunity, please send suggestions to

Center for Fine Art Photography: In Relation to the Land

In relation to the land .png

The Center for Fine Art Photography (Collins, CO) coordinates and produces several unique exhibitions per year and there is always something new and inspiring to see. Their venue changes with the exhibition, please visit their Exhibitions Venues page for more information. They offer international group photography exhibitions with 40+ photographic artists in each. They also offer and small group exhibitions.

Deadline: May 1st
No Entry Fee

Space 776 | Open Call

Space 776 (Brooklyn, NY) is holding an open call for artists both from the NYC area, as well as internationally, for a two week free solo exhibition in Fall 2019 (dates TBA with selected artist). Any visual artist over the age of 18 may apply, regardless of their level of formal education in the arts. The gallery accepts any medium; painting, photograph, sculpture, print, design, etc.

Deadline: May 1st
Application Fee: $25

Summer Artist Residency

rancho Linda.jpg

Rancho Linda Vista (Oracle, AZ), invites committed 2D and/or 3D visual artists to apply for its 2019 artist residency. The residency is available for one month, during either July or August.

RLV is an artist community situated on 80 acres in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, 35 miles north of Tucson. Founded in 1968 on a historic adobe ranch, this residency offers a unique opportunity to self-reliant artists seeking to create a serious body of work, in a beautiful setting, among a community of resident artists and creative colleagues.

Deadline: May 5th
No Entry Fee

Call for Brooklyn Based Artists

arco gallery.jpg

Arco Gallery (Broadway, NY) is inviting all Brooklyn based artists to submit their work to be considered for purchase of existing artworks or for commissions of new works, to become part of a permanent collection in a residential building in Brooklyn.

They are looking for paintings only, either on canvas or on panel. Three-dimensional works will be considered as long as they are meant to be hung on a wall.

Deadline: May 10th
No Entry Fee

ArtWorks Call to Artists

ArtWorks (Englewood, NJ), is a not-for-profit organization that brings artists and art supplies to children in 50 hospitals in New York and New Jersey. They have been providing creative opportunities to children with chronic and life-limiting illness and their families for 17 years. ArtWorks is seeking donations of 10 x 10 inch unframed work on paper for their upcoming Square Fair event on June 6th at the White Space Gallery. Please email and she will send you the Submission Form and instructions.

Light-based Artwork for Boston’s Chinatown

Chinatown .jpg

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy (Boston, MA) seeks an artist or artist team for the creation of a temporary, site-specific, placemaking artwork. This light-based public artwork will activate Chin Park, part of the contemporary public park in the heart of Boston known as The Greenway. The artwork will be installed in early August 2020 for the Chinatown Main Street Lantern Festival in September and will remain on display potentially through the winter (on view for 3-6 months).

Deadline: May 19th
No Entry Fee

Call to Printmakers: Stories in Print

stories in print.JPG

From the printed word to narrative scenes using images and symbols and beyond to the mysterious realm of abstraction. Printmaking has a story to tell. The Rockaway Artists Alliance (Rockaway, NY) wants to inspire artists to reflect on their stories either personal or popular from daily life, imagination or those drawn from a text, well-known folk tale or myths and come up with imagery that iconizes these stories.

Deadline: May 19th
Application Fee: $50

Tri-Tryagain Maker-Crafter-Artist Residency

tri-tryagain .jpg

Tri-tryagain (Ridgewood, NY) is a small community of makers, artists and the like. Their lovely second floor 2500 square-foot space is equipped with woodworking and hand tools, workbenches and a useful selection of materials and supplies. They are hosting a free seven-week residency from June 8 – July 27. There will be a final gallery show on July 27. Each resident gets a space in the workshop, including a bench, shelf space and access to tools.  In addition, they get, if they so wish, training in tool use, and mentorship.

Deadline: May 20th
No Application Fee

Center for Fine Art Photography: Black and White 2019

Black and White 2019.png

The Center for Fine Art Photography (Collins, CO) coordinates and produces several unique exhibitions per year and there is always something new and inspiring to see. Their venue changes with the exhibition, please visit their Exhibitions Venues page for more information. They offer international group photography exhibitions with 40+ photographic artists in each. They also offer and small group exhibitions.

Deadline: May 27th
No Entry Fee

Welcome 2019 MA Artists! (Part 2)

And here’s the second installment of our 2019 Massachusetts statewide grantees. We’re in awe of the work they’re doing, and we’re excited to see what they can accomplish with a little grant & professional development support!

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 1.52.39 PM.png

Heather Kapplow (Allston) is a conceptual artist whose work involves text, installation, performance, text, direct audience engagement, as well as audio and video. Heather presents her work in public spaces in addition to gallery and festival settings, and finds most of her projects to be site- or context-specific. Heather’s current practice grew out of work she was doing as an experimental film/video maker. Here, she found interpretation in the presentation of cinematic objects as much a part of the works as the actual media's content.

Heather hopes to use A4A funds toward creating more documentation of her work. Being able to hire a videographer will allow Heather to professionally capture her performances in order to share them with a greater number of people.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 1.55.39 PM.png

Nate Massari (North Adams) has always found his artistic hands in everything: paint, music, writing, design, sculpture and film. His work touches on existentialism, surrealism, politics, humor, art history, and personal experiences. While Nate sees himself as a diverse yet largely a traditional artist, he aims his future projects toward research and less object-oriented work.

Nate hopes to expand and professionalize his artistic materials. Doing so would grow the range of his work and improve its overall quality. Nate’s ultimate goal for the future is to build a foundation that provides him with more confidence, preparation, knowledge, and experience in art-making.


Julia Matejcek’s (Williamstown) photographs address themes of family, domesticity, animals, eating, and the small, hidden acts of violence that pervade our daily lives. Julia is interested in photography as a medium that belies hidden meanings and is fascinated by its close representation of reality. She plays with this link to reality by creating photographs that show the subtext of real life in ways that people may not have considered. Her conceptual interests also span to theories about the unconscious mind and its relationship to our consciousness.

As an early-career artist, Julia knows what she wants to make but needs professional tools to help aid in her creations. Through acquiring wide-angle lenses and advanced editing software, Julia hopes to tighten the formal quality of her photographs and heighten her technique. Ultimately, she thinks material investments would make an outsized difference in her practice.


Artist Cliff Notez (Boston) finds himself unpacking the intersecting complexities of mental health and lived experiences of people of color. Within these works he delves into hard-hitting subject matter, including racism, sexism, police brutality, oppression, trauma, resilience, and love as it relates to the Black body. When taking in his work, Cliff urges his audience to understand that it was created by a body and mind whose influences, thoughts, emotions and ideas are shaped by the experience of being a Black identified person in America.

The future of Cliff’s work will be focused on The Never Ending Sidewalk Tour (TNEST). TNEST is a combination of Hip-Hop, Jazz and Blues accompanied by a small ensemble of brass and string instruments. Music from his most recent album, WTSE, will be re-composed for performance and its narrative will be told with poetry, theatre, and original films displayed through projection mapping and lighting. Cliff hopes that experiencing this show will give his audience a better understanding of the impact trauma, oppression, and racial injustice have on people of color.

Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz.PNG

Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz (Williamstown) makes work at the intersection of contemporary art, artisanship and contemplative practice. Her deepest influences come from the philosophy and aesthetics of pre-modern material cultures that associate patient, skilled handwork with inward-looking contemplative aspirations. Diverse in form, her recent projects utilize artisanal materials like gold, indigo, mineral pigments, silk and handmade traditional papers. Alyssa’s imagery references complex crafted objects that evoke ritual acts or become symbolic focal points for meditation.

Alyssa aims to pursue a new direction in her work; she hopes to establish a conceptual textile practice centered on handloom weaving with a large upright tapestry loom. Using natural fibers and hand techniques similar to those used by Navajo weavers, her intent is to make large-scale woolen textiles based on a body of drawings that she has been developing over the past 10 years.


Maria Pinheiro (New Bedford) is an artist, performer, and community organizer. She creates performances, or guided fantasies, which consist of instructional prompts for audience members to enter “backwards” into daily situations, making possible the de-/re-construction of social architectures. Through these works, civilization’s harm-filled structures are shaken out and renewed with intimacy and comedic displays of enjoyment.

Maria is looking forward to building a sustainable business model, which will deepen her capacity to create immersive performances and intercultural dialogues.

Hannah Hurricane.PNG

Hannah Hurricane Sanchez’s (Turners Falls) art practice arose from the transformations of becoming a mother, and her work has stayed true to its origin. Hannah’s primary conceptual concerns are centered on the woman and the woman as a home. Hannah’s work investigates how we create a feeling or sense of home: the rituals we develop, the people or beings we define as part of the home, the flexible boundaries that are assigned to our idea, location, and memory of home. Her use of mediums that have long traditions such as drawing, clay, books, printmaking, and painting further aid in her explorative concepts.

As an emerging artist, Hannah is eager to begin applying to shows, investing in materials, and engaging in promotional platforms. She is first concerned with strengthening her creative practice by increasing her financial security. Hannah feels securing a robust financial future and further training would allow her to start reaching her potential.

John Seven and Jana Christy (North Adams) are a married picture-book-creating team. They’re possibly best known for their “Wee Rebel” picture books, including such titles as “We Say No! A Child’s Guide to Resistance” and “Happy Punks 1 2 3.” Lately, Jana and John’s work has been moving away from traditional illustration into the use of three-dimensional figures, still photography, and stop-motion animation.

John and Jan.PNG

In the future, John and Jan hope to broaden their audience with their 3D art, particularly animation. They see this opportunity as a way to create a new voice with their art. Acquiring software, hard drives, and marketing materials will allow the team to film their three-dimensional characters and sets to tell their stories in a new way.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 1.45.19 PM.png

Photographer Jesika Theos (Amesbury) is working primarily in editorial photography and photojournalism. Jesika only recently made the transition to being a full-time photographer, and has been developing the editorial side of her business by doing photography for several publications, including Boston Magazine and the New York Times.

The next step for Jesika is to invest in more equipment, specifically for lighting. Owning her own lighting equipment will allow Jesika to work in a broader range of settings and have more consistency in her product.

amy vanderels.jpg

Amy Vander Els (Amesbury) creates jewelry by hand using small-scale metalsmithing techniques. Her intent is to craft jewelry that is elegant in its simplicity, and just the right amount of unusual. Every piece is hand-cut, shaped, forged, polished and assembled to ensure a high quality design. Amy crafts jewelry, creates artwork, and teaches workshops, all out of her very own mill studio.

Moving forward, Amy’s goals are focused in two areas: increasing the visibility of her online presence and fine-tuning her marketing materials and website in advance of approaching potential clients. Once these things are accomplishes, she feels confident in the direction she needs to go in order to grow and sustain her business.


A jewelry artisan, Sennin Zumdick Esko (Egremont) specializes in making bezel set rings for faceted gemstones in gold, silver and platinum using lost wax casting and hand fabrication. Sennin finds himself leaning towards simplicity, allowing the natural beauty of the gemstones to speak for themselves. Sennin’s taste for clean lines and smooth surfaces means he examines each of his pieces under a microscope for quality.

With his business Mountain Spirit Jewels growing at a rapid pace, Sennin hopes to pay down business related debts that were used for equipment and materials to help grow his professional practice. Sennin also aspires to purchase new materials that would allow him add some new, high-end rings to his portfolio.

Open Studios, April 20th

Spring is here!
Let’s celebrate with an Open Studios

Date: Saturday, April 20th
When: 4:30-6:30 PM
Where: Now in two locations on MASS MoCA’s Campus!
Building 13, 2nd Floor
Building 34, adjacent to A-OK BBQ

Twelve more artists have landed in North Adams this month and they are busy creating away in the Studios! They’re churning out graphic novels, quilted plastics, photo collages, video installations, wearable weaving, tattooed pig skin and paintings of all varieties. We’ve seen it all these past two weeks and you can too at Open Studios on Saturday, April 20th before the Mitski concert at MASS MoCA. Help yourself to drinks and snacks and join us as we meander between Building 13 and our new studios in Building 34 to soak it all in.

Participating Artists

Blanche Nettles Powers
Felix Beaudry
Pauline Galiana
Shani Jamila
Corwin Levi
Erica Molesworth
Logan Nichols-Chestnut
Hyunjung Rhee
Shane Smith
Zoran Starcevic
Jiawei Zhao

Directions to the Studios

B.13 When you park in the main visitor lot at MASS MoCA, Building 13 is right in front of you. You’ll see Ferrin Contemporary and CYNTHIA-REEVES galleries on the first floor. Enter through the side door (on the end of the building farthest from Rt. 2) and take the stairs or elevator to the second floor.

B.34 Is located behind A-OK BBQ in the front entrance courtyard of MASS MoCA’s campus. When facing A-OK BBQ from Bright Ideas Brewing, just head around A-OK to the right and follow the ramp to the Studios entrance (black door).

April Artist Opportunities

(If you have a great opportunity, please send suggestions to  

Parent Artist AIRspace Residency

Abrons Arts Center (New York, NY) recognizes the unique challenges faced by working artists who are also raising children. With support from Sustainable Arts Foundation, Abrons is pleased to announce the launch of its Parent Artist AIRspace Residency, which provides targeted resources to the needs of working artists and their families. This residency provides support for 2 parent artists working in the visual arts, music, and/or literary arts. This residency will provide studio space, free tuition to Abrons Arts Camp for 1 child, a stipend, administrative resources, and opportunities for intergenerational interaction for 6 weeks in the summer of 2019.

Deadline: April 8th
No Entry Fee

The Face of Climate Change

Converge Las Cruces (Las Cruces, New Mexico), exhibiting at the Cottonwood Gallery at the Southwest Environmental Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico, announces The Face of Climate Change, a juried group photography exhibition.

Global warming, rising sea levels, shrinking habitats and extreme weather are all well known effects of climate change. The exhibition: The Face of Climate Change, will examine through a photographer's eye the changes occurring around us everyday. The exhibition seeks to document, comment and share our current visual environmental status.

Deadline: April 8th
Entry Fee: $25

Portraiture: Through the Lens

blackbox gall.jpg

Black Box Gallery (Portland, Oregon) is excited to announce a group photography exhibition on contemporary portraiture. Pose and Gesture, Image and Identity, Documentary and Street, Travel, Constructed Narrative, Self Portrait, Environmental, Vernacular and Snapshot, Family Narrative, Fashion and Nude, all have visual statements to make in the world of portraiture photography. What is the character, attitude and expression of contemporary portrait photography?

Deadline: April 11th
Entry Fee: $35

Artist Residency + Open Studios

bronx art space.jpg

BronxArtSpace (Bronx, NY) invites Bronx-based artists to apply for its Artist Residency + Open Studios program. The program responds to a crucial need for studio space and professional development opportunities for emerging Bronx artists.

For the summer selected Bronx-based artists will have 24-hour access to a studio space at Park Ave. Additionally, artists will be awarded $500 to use towards materials. Given the unique location of this year's residency, BAS seeks artists who would benefit from regular engagement with the public by leading free workshops, programs, and wall space to display their works, while simultaneously benefitting from being within a community of artists.

Deadline: April 13th
No Entry Fee

Dear Earth

dear earth.jpg

Chicago's Woman Made Gallery (Chicago, Illinois) Openlands, and Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods partner to illuminate women’s voices of action and hope for the planet. Together, we invite artists to submit artwork that highly reflects personal concerns and connections to the natural environment where they live.

Dear Earth was inspired by Sibylle Szaggars Redford whose performance, The Way of The Rain, was created as a “love letter to Mother Earth.” Szaggars Redford and her husband, Robert Redford, were Brushwood Center’s 2018 environmental leadership award recipients.

All applicants should submit a brief artist statement. The first sentence of the statement should begin, “Dear Earth…[add your message of action, hope, or inspiration]”.

Works in all media are welcome.

Deadline: April 19th
Entry Fee: $30

Martin Henry Freeman Memorial Sculpture

carving studio.jpg

The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center (West Rutland, VT) seeks artists to design a large-scale portrait bust of Martin Henry Freeman, first African American president of an American college. The marble memorial will become part of the Downtown Rutland Sculpture Trail, a collection of public sculpture planned for completion and placement in this historic Vermont city .Rutland native Martin Henry Freeman was born in 1826. He attended Middlebury College, graduating in 1849. After serving as president of Allegheny Institute (which became Avery College) he emigrated to Africa where he was professor and president of Liberia College until his death in 1889.

The maquette is to be sculpted in clay, to be reproduced in plaster for enlargement and translation to marble. The finished sculpture will be carved at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center.

Deadline: April 19th
No Entry Fee

Summer Residency Program

Gallery 263 Summer Residency Program.jpg

Each summer, Gallery 263 offers their 700-square foot space in Cambridge, MA to artists of all media and experience levels. Artists benefit from full access to their space and amenities, participate in critiques or community outreach projects, and conclude their stay with a week-long exhibition. The Residency is a non-live-in, shared opportunity, and is typically awarded to up to four solo artists or one collective. The studio rental fee is $275 per artist.

Deadline: April 21st

Entry Fee: $30

Laboratory Call For Fall Residents

Laboratory’s (Spokane, Washington) mission is to provide practicing interactive artists with the time, space, and freedom to make thoughtful and innovative work. They offer space to live and work, tools, mentorship, and connections to make that happen. Plus, a $200 a month stipend if you have the right to work in the USA. For their Fall 19 residency, they are looking for artists interested in spending 2-3 months between September 1st to November 30th in 2019, working on projects in any of their three tracks: production, research, and learning.

Deadline: April 27th
No Entry Fee

Art Hawaii International: Call to Artists for Installations

Art Hawaii.jpg

Art Hawaii International (Honolulu, Hawaii) is a contemporary art fair with inaugural dates November 6-10, 2019, located in Honolulu at Hawaii Convention Center. The spectacular location will bring local visitors, as well as destination art travelers from around the world.

AHI exhibitors include vetted international galleries, museums, art foundations, art publications, art films and art talks. The art fair program includes annual curatorial themes highlighting important subjects through art. AHI philosophy includes building better bridges to art knowledge for visitors through AHI proprietary app, kiosks and informational sources. We provide personal service for AHI attendees, especially Asia-centric visitors in their language, to obtain information on exhibitors and the artwork, to further cultivate art collectors, art lovers and art buyers.

Deadline: April 30th
No Entry Fee



Red is a color that calls up associations of love, luck, passion, and violence but also the mementos of childhood, such as balloons and toys. It is found in Paleolithic painting, China’s imperial and popular imagery, the Dutch Renaissance, it is also present in the contemporary graphic texts of Barbara Kruger and the abstract etchings of Anish Kapoor. This is the second installment of Site:Brooklyn’s (Brooklyn, New York) ongoing investigation into color: its meaning, its roles, and place in contemporary practice. Site: Brooklyn is seeking works in all genres and mediums.

This is the second installment of Site:Brooklyn’s ongoing investigation into color: its meaning, its roles, and place in contemporary practice. What does red mean to you?

Deadline: May 2nd
Entry Fee: $35

Open Call for Artists in the AD Industry

times square.jpg

If you’re an artist working in the advertising industry, Times Square Arts, Advertising Week, and the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (New York, NY) invite you to submit original moving image artwork to Midnight Moment, the world’s largest, longest-running digital art exhibition. The selected 3-minute work will be shown on electronic billboards throughout Times Square every night in September 2019.

Deadline: May 6th
No Entry Fee

A4A Spring Workshop Opportunities

Assets for Artists is back with FREE professional development workshops for artists in all disciplines, made possible with support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Business Development Grant Program. We have a great roster of workshops lined up in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island this April & May.

If you're serious about strengthening your practice, learning from art business and marketing experts, and connecting with fellow artists & makers, we hope you'll sign up!


To request a seat in any of the workshops listed below, email Briana at with your name, home address, and artist website or brief description of your artistic practice. Be sure to specify the date & location of the session you’re interested in.

Preference will be given to artists from rural areas of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut but non-rural artists may also enroll if space allows. Participation is FREE! Workshops will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The A4A program promotes equal opportunity and seeks diversity in its workshop participants.



Building on her 25 years of experience in the arts, Dee Boyle-Clapp now directs the Arts Extension Service at UMASS. In this training, she will introduce the elements of a business plan and information helpful for running your artist-based business. Through a mix of instruction and guided activities you will learn how to create a series of attainable business goals that shape the future of your art-based business, including how to describe your work, hire outside experts, handle financial details, and structure your business. 

Most suitable for commercial and craft-based artists.

Available sessions:

Sunday, April 7th | 9:30am - 5pm | North Adams, MA

Friday, April 12th | 9:30am - 5pm | Warwick, RI

Saturday, May 11th | 10am - 4:30pm | New London, CT



Amy Smith, Co-Director of Headlong Dance Theater and Headlong Performance Institute in Philadelphia, has worked internationally as a choreographer, director and performer. In this interactive workshop, performing artists in all fields — music, dance, theater, comedy, and more — will set goals and learn skills they can implement right away. Topics include valuing your time and other issues related to self-employment, long term financial thinking, “real cost” budgeting for projects and for your life, fundraising and other revenue streams, and goal setting for the business of your artistic practice.

Suitable for artists in all performing disciplines.

Available session:

Monday, April 22nd | 10am - 5pm | Providence, RI

FIND YOUR MESSAGE: Branding & Marketing for Visual Artists w/ Jessica Burko


Jessica Burko a Boston-based exhibiting artist, curator, and arts marketing professional. In this workshop, Jessica will help visual artists and craftspeople gain a better understanding of how to present their work, identify their target audience, and create a detailed marketing plan while building the confidence to implement it.

On the day following the group workshop, selected artists will be invited to meet individually (for 30 minutes) with Jessica for an in-depth discussion of specific marketing questions and concerns, and to review their arts marketing strategies.

Recommended for visual artists and craftspeople.

Available sessions:

Thursday, May 2nd | 1pm - 6pm | Bristol, RI
One-on-one sessions with selected artists will be held on Friday, May 3rd.

Friday, May 17th | 1pm - 6pm | Winsted, CT
One-on-one sessions with selected artists will be held on Saturday, May 18th.

In requesting this workshop, please specify if you’d like a one-on-one session (if available) the day following the group workshop.



Kim Faler is an installation artist who has been awarded Rauschenberg and Artpace residencies and has exhibited at MASS MoCA and Art Dubai. 

In this workshop, participants will create a framework for understanding their practice as a business and a strategic plan for advancing their goals. Participants will receive guidance on improving their artist statements, portfolios, websites, budgeting, time management, and fundraising.

Recommended for fine / non-commercial visual artists.

Available session:

Wednesday, May 8th | 1 - 6pm | North Adams, MA

Our work is possible because of our wonderful funders & partners, including the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Business Development Program. Our Rhode Island workshops are happening in partnership with the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. Our Connecticut workshops are happening thanks to a partnership with the CT Office of the Arts, Northwestern CT Arts Council, Southeastern CT Cultural Coalition, and Windham Arts.

Open Studios, March 30th

Come celebrate
the Opening of our new Studio ANNEX!

Date: Saturday, March 30th
When: 4:30-6:30 PM
Where: Now in two locations on MASS MoCA’s Campus!
Building 13, 2nd Floor
Building 34, adjacent to A-OK BBQ

Michael Menchaca   , in Building 13

Michael Menchaca, in Building 13

Printing presses in Building 34

Printing presses in Building 34

March is an exciting month here at the Studios at MASS MoCA! We opened the doors to a second and brand new studio space in Building 34. It is equipped with 4 new private studios, 2 looms, and 2 presses, including a flatbed hydraulic press and a rebuilt Dickerson combination etching press. We’ve grown from 8 to 12 artists a month. Come explore their work and check out the new digs at Open Studios on Saturday, March 30th.


Patricia Ayres
J Carpenter
Courtney Dudley
Laura Escobar
Anna Gustafson
Nikolai Ishchuk
Jia-Jen Lin
Michael Menchaca
Yuria Okamura
Barbarita Polster
Julie Wolfe
Chin Chih Yang

Directions to the Studios

B.13 When you park in the main visitor lot at MASS MoCA, Building 13 is right in front of you. You’ll see Ferrin Contemporary and CYNTHIA-REEVES galleries on the first floor. Enter through the side door (on the end of the building farthest from Rt. 2) and take the stairs or elevator to the second floor.

B.34 Is located behind A-OK BBQ in the front entrance courtyard of MASS MoCA’s campus. When facing A-OK BBQ from Bright Ideas Brewing, just head around A-OK to the right and follow the ramp to the Studios entrance (black door).